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New Pokemon Sleep Game Trains Your Pokemon While You Sleep – Launching 2020

There’s a new Pokemon game announced that is not going to keep you up all night playing, but instead, will encourage more sleeping. Pokemon Sleep is coming to give you better sleep habits while growing your Pikachu.

Credit – The Pokemon Company

Announced during a Pokemon press conference in 2019, the trailer briefly mentions how Pokemon Sleep will attempt to transform sleep into entertainment.

Credit – The Pokemon Company

You see, this new Pokemon Sleep mobile game requires players to sleep to train your Pokemon. This is in contrast to the first Pokemon Go, which requires players to be constantly on the go in order to catch and train more pokemon.

There have been little specifics by The Pokemon Company so far and all we know is that it is slated to be launched in 2020.

The company has also partnered with Nintendo to launch a device called Pokemon Go Plus+, which presumably is able to track the amount of sleep a player gets and sends that information to the smartphone.

Sleep and Singaporeans don’t usually go in the same sentence. According to this survey, Singapore is one of the countries that get the least amount of sleep daily.

However with the new Pokemon Sleep, perhaps things might change since Singaporeans are quite obsessed with Pokemon.

It remains to be seen how a company can incorporate sleeping into a game. Could this be the birth of sleeping-based games? Stay tuned.

Dates & Times: Available from 2020 on smartphones

Prices: Free

The Pokemon Company: Website

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