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Dermaplaning In Singapore: The Latest Weird Beauty Trend To Give You Smooth & Radiant Skin?

There have been a lot of crazy beauty trends in the past; blood facials, Nutella face masks and more, but Dermaplaning is one of the newer ones. It might sound a bit weird to scrape your skin with a razor blade, but compared to putting blood on your face, I’d opt for the razor (in the hands of a professional of course).

Dermaplaning is the process of running a razor blade across your skin to remove dead skin cells and all the fine hairs on your face that trap oil and dirt. This results in glowing and super smooth skin, thanks to all the exfoliation.

It’s not yet widely available in Singapore, with only The Clifford Clinic offering it, and at S$300 a session, it’s a bit on the steep side. This process is really popular in America though, especially amongst celebrities in Hollywood, so if you’re aiming to get their amazing skin, this is a process to consider.

Heard of any other weird beauty trends or want to share your experience with Dermaplaning? Let us know in the comments!

Price: S$300 per session

Dermaplaning: The Clifford Clinic, 24 Raffles Place, #01-03 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621 | Tel: +65 65322400 | Website

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