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#DearCovid19SG stories: “My broken engagement showed me that I was demanding for a love where it did not exist”

It’s hard to smile amid the storm but perhaps one day we can look back at this great global historical lesson that our human race has endured and beam in gratitude that it is finally over. The #DearCovid19SG initiative is a collective memory bank to allow us to pen down our memories while they are painfully fresh.

It is a partnership project between the National Youth Council and local marketing agency, DSTNCT which aims to bring young Singaporeans from all walks of life into a common channel to share and uncover their stories together.

We’ve selected seven stories that represent snapshots of the daily lives of seven ordinary Singaporeans. Each represents their gripping fear, pending struggles, and broken dreams. However, the kindred spirit in all the stories echoes the human faith and resilience in the face of the crisis—a place we can all find strength.

We hope that you too can find a voice in these stories that exemplify tenacity and the courage to immortalise memories in the medium of the written word. May this storm be over and future circumstances find favour in our purpose-driven lives.

#Hope – Thoughts of a Flight Attendant

Mother’s backache became so painful yet I did not know until it became better because I was probably in London having my scones and English tea. She just wants me to have fun and not worry about her. These broke my heart. But you came along and changed everything.

– Agnes Eng

But now, my livelihood is taking one big hiatus. 3 months since my last flight to Germany and the standbys which I usually pray for to be removed is my current silver lining. Funny how things have taken a turn because of you. I can barely remember my primary duties when I board the plane and the way I navigate through the nozzle-like aircraft.

I miss working around the galley and also tidying up the sometimes disastrous lavatories. I miss sharing life stories with colleagues for 10 hours straight and attending to passengers with peculiar requests. I miss having breakfast for dinner and embracing the worst sleep schedules. I miss the travel experience and of course, I miss donning on the kebaya, my pride, and joy.

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#Gratitude—When COVID Got in My Way

Credit – Pixioo for Dear Covid-19

For once, my life looked like it was beginning to let up. And then, as if life pulled a cruel trick, you arrived and I got the coronavirus.

– Kenneth Lee

Towards the end of 2019, I made steps to improve my well-being. I left my job of three years to take a six-month break. I made plans to fulfill my dream of backpacking through the Americas. I was in talks with potential employers to advance my career after my self-imposed sabbatical. And most surprising of all, I even signed up for a gym membership after years of procrastination to improve my health.

For once, my life looked like it was beginning to let up. And then, as if life pulled a cruel trick, you arrived and I got the coronavirus.

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#Joy—A Broken Engagement

Credit – Pixioo for Dear Covid-19

My broken engagement showed me that I was demanding for a love where it did not exist because I could not find it in the little things, but this ordeal showed me that I already have all that I need; this ordeal had to happen for me to finally realise it.

– Ameline Tan

Being forced to stay in a Hokkien household all day long where my family communicates by shouting across rooms got on my nerves. Their sharp voices made me cranky, working from home, hearing loud conversations, and knocks on my door in the middle of an urgent task gave me more stress than I needed.

My short temper had gotten from bad to worse—the pre-existing frustrations from my then-relationship became harder to ignore. I started lashing out without control and arguments were more frequent than before. The first month was a mess, every little thing made me mad. I was going through an emotional battle within myself and I have had more breakdowns during this circuit breaker than I have ever had in the past few years. Worst of all, I felt so alone.

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#Uncertainty—From Emcee to Delivery Guy

Credit – Pixioo for Dear Covid-19

My income was close to Zero since early Feb and even till March, there was little to no success in trying to adapt to the new measures daily.

– Elson Leong

As an emcee/host, sports coach developer, and personal development trainer – all at the same time – my days were filled with numerous interactions with people in many different social settings. I loved my job and I enjoyed every minute of working.

It was 7th Feb 2020… DORSCON in Singapore went from yellow to ORANGE.
It all never occurred to me that I would encounter such a situation until the day I received multiple emails and text – that 90% of work had been cancelled.

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#Frustration – Working (things) out

Credit – Pixioo for Dear Covid-19

I fear that people will no longer see the need to head to gyms to work out as they can already do it in the comfort of their own homes.

– Syahir Jack

My frustrations are warranted, and you cannot blame me for feeling this way, because you have screwed up the first half of this year and maybe even longer than that – who knows at this point. I co-founded a platform in December last year, Om Zone, that promotes the awareness and education of mindfulness. I had great plans this year for my career and my business, and I was reluctant to let you have it your way. Eventually, you took over the reins and almost everything came to a halt.

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#Sadness – Love Across Time Zone

Credit – Pixioo for Dear Covid-19

As I was telling him how much I was going to miss him, I realised that I had fallen for him too. Suddenly, in that moment, he told me he loved me.

– Jannah

He was an exchange student from the UK and we were group partners for a class, the group consisting of me and him. Not gonna lie, I wanted to work with him because I thought he was cute. But then I thought he sister-zoned me, so I kept it platonic the whole time we worked together.

In late March, all my friends from exchange had to cut their programme short, including him.

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#Nemo – Living out of Suitcases

Credit – Pixioo for Dear Covid-19

We have been living out of our suitcases for the past five months and frankly, this sucks.

– Charmaine Ng

Come February 2020, we embarked on our next great adventure together: relocating to the US for the next three years. It has always been my dream to experience living overseas, to fully immerse myself in another country and culture. It was finally happening.

All the while, the threat of you loomed over us. The US was still somewhat unaffected compared to Singapore; we believed we would be able to ride it out where we were. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. You began engulfing the country, beginning with the coasts and driving inwards like wildfire.

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