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Comfort Acrylic Shield For Safer Workplaces — Available Online Now

Listen up, all office goers, and property managers. As life gradually gets back on track and with the office becoming our second home again, we must ensure that our workplaces are safe for everyone.

We think that this Comfort Acrylic Shield will come in handy in protecting office goers from the potential spread of COVID-19. It is retailed by Singaporean furniture shop Comfort Design Furniture.

Credit – Comfort Design Furniture

It is a transparent shield that helps to partition spaces and is a perfect tool to enforce safe distancing without compromising the office’s interior design. This acrylic shield comes in customisable sizes and is suitable for various surface tops.

Credit – Comfort Design Furniture

As it is installed with a self-standing padded steel base, this means that the shields are well supported and easily affixed on the table tops without inconvenient drilling.

Credit – Comfort Design Furniture

In addition, you can opt for the design with an access hole. This feature is ideal for service functions, such as reception and service counters, as it allows item exchanges with minimal contact.

Credit – Comfort Design Furniture

Interestingly, it also doubles up as a writing board or post-it board—perfect for employees to brainstorm and scribble their to-do lists at their workstations. Who knows? Soaring productivity might be the incidental result for your office!

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