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Chinatown Murders — Solve a gripping mystery while touring the city

The year is 2020. The location is Chinatown. People have been murdered off the streets, and it’s up to you to nab the serial killer before he takes his next victim. In a team of 2 to 5 persons, you must work together to solve the mystery, taking detective work into your own hands.

牛车水 Murders, translating to Chinatown Murders, is Tribe Tours‘ latest addition, all in good fun and games. A tour guide cum game master will be there to narrate the happenings as you go, but it’s entirely up to you and your team to decide on your route, course of actions, and choice of items.

Credit – Tribe Tours

Your team will be assigned a character who has strong ties in Chinatown, having lived there for 48 years, and one who shares an affiliation with different local residents such as Samsui woman Auntie Geok, moneylender friend Raj, and provision shop owner Ah Kee, amongst others, who will prove to be useful witnesses and allies later on.

Watch the trailer below.

The game runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to noon. All participants are to assemble at Chinatown MRT Exit C, Level 2 Garden Bridge before the game commences. If you’re all fired up from the murder mystery, why not drop by VR World that’s also in Chinatown for some virtual reality fun.

Price: S$50 per person
Date & Time: Fri, Sat and Sun, from 10am – 12pm 

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