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Potato Chip Hand Lets You Grab Chips Without Getting Your Fingers Dirty

Ever left greasy prints on your phone whilst snacking on potato chips? Want to snack during work but not leave crumbs on your laptop? Fret no more.

Calbee X Takara Tomy just released a ‘Potato Chip Hand’ (ポテチの手) in June 2019, designed to allow fuss-free potato chip snacking whilst keeping your hands clean from crumbs and oil.

With the push of a button, the Potato Chip Hand pinches a piece of potato chip easily with its finger-like claw.

In true Japanese precision, this Potato Chip Hand will exert just the right amount of pressure enough to hold your chips without breaking it.

The Potato Chip Hand fingers can also slide from side to side, allowing you to get rid of the excess crumbs or tiny bits – works just like your fingers trying to rub off food specks.

That’s not all. Rotate the Potato Chip Hand and you can use the stylus provided at the back as well to use your touch screen mobile devices.

This new potato chip hand gadget comes in four colours, aptly named after Calbee’s best-selling potato chip flavours  – Original, Pizza, Seaweed and Lightly Salted.

Get this now for fuss-free chip snacking. Or for that germophobe friend that can’t share food.

Release date: June 2019

Price: JPY 1280 (Approximately S$16.20)

Calbee X Takara Tomy Potato Chip Hand: Website

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