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10 Best Job Portals in Singapore – The Job Seekers Strike Back

I think ‘job seekers’ should be an employment category on its own.  Job searches have since become part of every unemployed Singaporean’s daily routine; especially for fresh graduates.

“Why you never find job?” “Study so hard, still cannot get job for what?” There are days we wished we had permanent earplugs. It’s not that we aren’t applying.

Let’s be real. We probably swipe-to-refresh our emails more than we do dating apps.

Here’s a list of 10 job portals in Singapore that could potentially provide you with the commitment you need – work.

1. Hatch

Credit – Hatch

Despite the right qualifications, it can still be incredibly hard to find work. Regardless, there’ll always be options despite your personal challenges.

Not your typical job search portal, Hatch helps build youths who are at-risk, school dropouts or those coming from low-income backgrounds.

Credit – Hatch

Believing that “anyone with a dream should have a future,” those at Hatch provide disadvantaged youth with training in the digital marketing, user experience or user interface (UX/UI) industries.

With biweekly mentorships, interview tutoring and the occasional industry visit, Hatch hopes that they’ll be able to provide a stepping stone for these youth in order for them to chase their dreams.

Hatch: Email: | Website 

2. Glints

Credit – Glints

If you ever needed a matchmaking service in the job world, Glints would be it.

Not limited to just job opportunities, Glints also opens its platform up to entry-level job seekers looking for internships or freelance work.

Detailed job descriptions and company specifics are available when you click on a job you’re interested in. Their search bar allows you to choose filters that suit what you’re looking for – career, skills, job type, and experience level; hence catering to a wider job seekers market.

Credit – Glints

Updating your profile with distinct skills or talents that you have will enable employers to look up potential candidates. If your skills match, you have a higher chance of being sought after!

Glints: Website

3. Interns.Sg

Credit – InternSG

I wish I had known this existed during my undergraduate days so I wouldn’t have had to go on a long search through the intern-net.

ANYWAY, Interns.Sg consists of mainly Singapore based contract and temporary jobs mixed along with various internships. The “latest internship” navigation section on the homepage also displays the recent job postings, makes for quicker application.

In addition, the portal provides guidelines for interns; for example, tips on how to prepare for interviews.

For companies looking for extra hands, just because the job listings here are free, doesn’t mean your interns should be!

Interns.Sg: Website

4. JobStreet

JobStreet and I (I’m sure you too!) go way back. I started looking for my first part-time job here in 2010. It’s 2019, and the website still looks the exact same.

Credit – JobStreet

It’s a good starting point for those with little to no job experience. However, it also seems to be attractive to the older generation as well.

Contract, permanent jobs, and opportunities for part-timers are scattered across this maze of a web which also means a wider range of hopefully, favourable circumstances for the bleak job market.

Jobstreet: Website

5. Jobscentral

I’m always mixing up JobStreet with Jobscentral, so I’ve since considered them siblings.

Credit – JobsCentral

While Jobstreet is the messier sibling, Jobscentral has an obsession with organisation. With a web layout that will not overwhelm you (we don’t need to be further overwhelmed by job searches), it’s already more appealing to us desperate job seekers.

Credit – JobsCentral

The jobs are divided into categories and then sub-categories. Therefore, clicking on ‘Art’ jobs will direct you further into specifics like a designer, graphic artist and even music. There’s even a recently added tab dedicated to ‘Fresh Grads’. Perfect!

Jobscentral: Website

6. CultJobs

Arguably one of my favourite job portals in Singapore, CultJobs is dedicated solely to hiring those from the creative industry – advertising, media, design, marketing and they also offer internships!

Credit – CultJobs

I’d say this place is the best hope you have to prove your doubting parents wrong. Cue “you study art do what?”

Credit – CultJobs

I like that it’s a focused platform, which means we won’t be swimming around through generic job sites searching for “writer jobs” and getting “assistant baker”.

In short, CultJobs is a great artist website. It really knows how to draw a crowd.

CultJobs: Website 

7. Indeed

Credit – Indeed

I came across Indeed whilst overseas, broke and desperate for a freelance gig. Which can only mean one thing; it is indeed a global portal. The interface is quite idiot proof and quick, plus you can sign up to receive job alerts via your email if any other opportunities pop-up that match your search keyword. Emails are constant; if not every other day, every other hour.

Credit – Indeed

Once you’ve logged in, your homepage will display newly updated jobs for the job categories you’ve looked into before. With this feature, it means you’re always able to be on top of your job game.

Indeed: Website

8. LinkedIn

Credit – LinkedIn

If you’ve been working in the industry for a while, you’re bound to have LinkedIn. It’s a haunt for hiring managers and recruiters. In addition to browsing through the website’s ‘Job’ tab, the homepage allows connections to share interesting content that can facilitate a potential intellectual discussion or two.

Interaction in the comment section here could possibly link you up with someone from a different industry, therefore making LinkedIn an ideal place for collaborations to happen as well.

Credit – LinkedIn

Applying for jobs through LinkedIn will allow your potential employer to scroll through your account as well as your CV. The only downside is the high engagement rate that LinkedIn requires since it is a social media tool.

So if you’re a social media addict looking for a job, start growing your network with LinkedIn!

LinkedIn: Website

9. Glassdoor

Thankfully, Glassdoor isn’t like the glass ceiling we all know and love. It actually opens for opportunities.

Credit – Glassdoor

Mainly centred around engineering, sales and hospitality jobs with the occasional dash from the media industry, Glassdoor has a wide network of jobs for almost every job seeker out there. This wide network can be filtered by area or city, type of job, company and even salary.

Credit – Glassdoor

An added benefit is that you can stalk their company reviews (left by former employees) while they read your resume. I guess it’s a good thing that you can decide if you like companies first before they ghost your application.

Glassdoor: Website

10. E2i.Sg

The Employment and Employability Institute (E2i) isn’t specifically a job portal where we can blindly click ‘attach CV’ and wait.

A similar concept to Hatch, it helps job seekers and companies who need additional skills to grow.

For individuals, E2i offers career guidance and advisory, access to skills upgrading and provides job matching services. One can also opt to meet with a career coach for a private consultation.

Credit – E2i.Sg

Skills upgrading include various workshops that the public can attend catering to employability skills, hospitality and digital. They even had an Asia taxi masterclass to educate taxi companies and taxi drivers on the potential disruptions in the industry!

Credit – E2i.Sg

If you’re a millennial in Singapore, a job seeker and questioning your job prospects, click on #letstalkmillennials and watch the inspiring stories of others like you exploring their dreams, passion and career in Singapore.

Never say never! Website

So, take out your lightsabre and prepare yourself for this unemployment war. 

Credit – JobAnts

May the force be with you, especially with this list of 10 job portals in Singapore.

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