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High Fashion Takes On Pop Culture & Streetwear In The Burberry x Kris Wu 2018 Collection

Any idea who’s behind Burberry’s latest creative collaboration? Kris Wu.

The pop idol was once a member of the South Korean group known as EXO. However, it was only when he left the group that he found success as an all-rounded entertainer and gained immense popularity across the globe as an international sensation.

2018‘s launch of the Burberry x Kris Wu collaboration features the classy iconic Burberry designs interweaved with elements of young money and streetwear culture inspired by Kris’ artistic direction.

You’ll spot contemporary tattoos, scribbles and even Kris’ music lyrics infused into the high-end fashion pieces. This collection showcases the young, hungry and free vibes that are atypical of conventional branded apparel. Breaking boundaries huh!

This limited edition collection is available online and in selected stores only. Hurry on down to Burberry’s ION Orchard outlet if you’re looking to try some on for size! 

Burberry x Kris Wu 2018 Collab: Website

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