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You Won’t Be Having A Blue Christmas With These Black X’mas Trees Around

If you’re unconventional and a big believer not following status quo, I have found the perfect Christmas tree to bring you some Yuletide cheer.

Alleviate the minimalism and glamour in your home with black Christmas trees. Yes, you read it right, black Christmas trees. Treetopia, based in California, can fulfil your unique Christmas tree wishes.

Credit: Instagram/@theblondewanders

Their trees are artificial and unfortunately, can’t give you the fresh, crisp smell of pines. But in exchange, there won’t be any extra cleaning real trees might leave you with, and it is an investment for the coming Christmases too.

For those who are a fan of monochromatic tones, this is definitely something that will complement your home instead of the traditional red and green. That’s so passe.

Credit: Instagram/@theblondewanders

If a black Christmas tree doesn’t tickle your fancy, the site also offers a range of other coloured trees. Pick a white or silver tree for a white Christmas – after all, Singapore doesn’t get any snow but that doesn’t mean your home feel a little cooler. 

If you can’t decide between white and black, why not go for both? Treetopia also has the Zebra tree that are in alternating black and white rows. For the adventurous, the site also has three ombre coloured trees for you to choose from – silver-black, gold-black and blue-black.

Credit: Instagram/@theblondewanders

All three have a black top that fades into the mentioned colours. Inject some fun into the age-old tradition with their rainbow or candy-cane coloured trees.

The trees also come in different heights and widths to fit that empty spot in your house. Prices start from USD 219.99 (S$300) for a 6-foot pitch-black tree before shipping. Shipping costs will apply outside the US.

Treetopia: Website

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