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BIKI: Take 4K Videos Underwater & Explore Oceans With This Smart Wireless Drone From Sept ’17 Onwards

The future of drones is here, and it’s on a whole other level. And by that, I mean an underwater level.

BIKI is a wireless and waterproof fish-shaped drone that captures 4K video. It was launched in May 2017 on Kickstarter and got fully funded in just 10 hours. To date, the team behind BIKI is more than 1000% funded and will be able to ship the drones worldwide come September 2017.

Not only does BIKI capture 4K HD videos, it has a battery life of 90 – 120 minutes, can be controlled via a smartphone app or underwater controller, and has an inbuilt GPS so it returns to you automatically should the battery start dying.

Also, BIKI goes down to an impressive depth 196ft/59m, so you definitely won’t be let down in this aspect.

There are a tonne of features that are packed into this tiny fish drone and you can read the BIKI Kickstarter campaign for more information. With such an exciting product being sold at a competitive price point, I can’t wait to try the BIKI when it splashes into the Singaporean market.

Price: US$999 (approx. S$1375)

BIKI: Website | More Info

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