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Get A Whole Slew Of CNY Bundle Promotions With S’pore’s Beauty Emporium

This Lunar New Year, Beauty Emporium wants to treat you to the best service and product bundles to start your year right. The brainchild of Cynthia Chua, founder of Singapore’s Spa Esprit Group, Beauty Emporium brings together innovative and uncommon beauty-based product experiences.

With an abundance of offers to choose from, here are some standouts from their Chinese New Year deals in 2020.

Credit – Beauty Emporium

Strip is offering a rather interesting CNY bundle. On top of a single session of All Off Strip Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) Brazilian, this bundle also includes a TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask.

If you don’t know what the TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask is, let me educate you. It is a mask for your womanhood. It’s amazing how there’s a mask for everything nowadays.

The original price of the Brazilian is S$535 and the mask is worth S$28 on its own. The CNY bundle will be going for S$78. That’s savings of S$485! Quite worth the money, I would say.

Credit – Beauty Emporium

Bring a friend and go for a massage with Spa Esprit with its luxurious-looking massage rooms. Their CNY Bundle includes a 60-Minute Classic Scentsational Massage Voucher that originally goes for S$135 and a bottle of Plantation Essential Oil Shower Gel that’s usually worth S$39. You can also choose from a handful of scents for your choice of Shower Gel.

This Spa Esprit Massage CNY Bundle goes for S$68, allowing you to save S$106.

Of course, all these bundles have their own terms and conditions to adhere to, remember to read the fine print!

Credit – Beauty Emporium

Here’s a full list of what’s offered from Beauty Emporium:

  • Browhaus CNY Bundle – S$28
  • Strip’s CNY Bundle – S$78
  • Spa Esprit Massage CNY Bundle – S$68
  • Spa Esprit Facial CNY Bundle – S$108
  • Browhaus Best CNY Bundle – S$68
  • Malin+ Goetz Peppermint CNY Bundle – $88
  • Babor Skincare Reboot CNY Bundle – S$128
  • Babor Ultimate Skincare Treat CNY Bundle – S$168
  • Ding Dong Hand Wash CNY Bundle – S$38

If any of these bundles interest you, be sure to snap them up soon!

You can check out all the details here.

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