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Spa Esprit Review: “I had my energy read, and boy should I be alarmed”

I’ve never been one to dabble in yoga, chakras, crystals, gems, or any of that jazz. Achieving inner zen just sadly seems a little too distant a dream for busy old me—I mean, I can barely find the time to sit down for an episode on Netflix, let alone achieve the final state of calm attentiveness.

Today, Spa Esprit at Great World Mall greets me with extended arms, as I delve into the realm of energy reading for the first time. There are four parts to their signature Super Vibrator package.

Credit – Spa Esprit

Drawing inspiration from Einstein’s famous quote, “everything in life is vibration”, Spa Esprit’s Super Vibrator treatment is lauded as new-age therapy that brings a new edge to forms of energy healing.

STEP 1: Energy Reading

I stick all 10 fingers, one at a time, into a tiny, beeping bioenergy device that’s said to read my EPS (Emotional Positioning System). It then maps out my personal energy blueprint and visualises my energy weaknesses. Again, this is all completely new to me, so I’m pretty much a kid in a candy shop at this point, following along with wide-eyed, child-like wonder.

A nearby printer whirrs to life, and within minutes, my energy report rolls out. Based on my report, I’m about 84% balanced. That is, in terms of energy of course, everything else in my life is in alarming need of equilibrium, I’m sure.

Credit – Spa Esprit

Pinpointing pain points

Of all 7 chakras, it appears as though my root chakra—which is associated with the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae—needs working on. Known as Muladhara in Sanskrit, the root chakra is often thought of as the body’s foundation—sturdy, stable, and supportive when in balance. Some liken it to the last rung on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where safety and security follow once basic physiological needs have been met.

In the event that the root chakra is blocked, a host of ailments such as anxiety disorders, fears, or nightmares are said to arise. Physically-speaking, it is associated with problems in the colon, the bladder, or with issues in the lower back, leg, or feet. Which is, surprisingly, very accurate in my case.

I’m thankfully and generally free of aches, except for an injury in my left ankle which is aggravated during my weekly runs, and the occasional dull pain in my right, lower back.

STEP 2: Customising my blend

Following my reading, I am asked to pick out a scent of my choice from the spread of essential oils on the table. If anyone knows anything about me, it’s that I’ll never pass on an opportunity to sniff my way through life. I get a little too carried away, having the time of my life getting a whiff of the gamut of different aromas—almost forgetting my task at hand.

Credit – Spa Esprit

I ended up picking the Citrine scent, which is a tangy blend of grapefruit, orange, and bergamot, amongst other elements. I’d cringe in disgust at the thought of sipping on grapefruit juice, but in the form of an essential oil? Sign me the hell up, I say.

STEP 3: 90-minute Lomi Lomi Massage

If you were wondering why essential oils were involved, then the answer lies in the massage that follows. Armed with the scent of my choice, my massage therapist leads me down a cosy, dimly-lit hallway and into a comforting therapy room where I promptly disrobe and change into a pair of disposable thongs (once she’s stepped out, obviously, I’m not a barbarian, Susan).

Credit – Spa Esprit

I’m all too familiar with the dry Thai massages that are often associated with spa packages, so this oil-based one is, quite literally, a refreshing change. The Tingsha Cymbals ding exactly six times before we commence—a practice said to clear bad energy and invite positive vibes to help one focus and relax instead. Off the top of my head, I can already think of a couple of acquaintances who could really use some cymbals to Tingsha the bad energy out of them, but I’m not here to fight. Remember Vera, good energy only!

My therapist moves with grace and poise as she rubs me down starting with my feet all the way up to my fingertips, in one swift motion. As she transitions from one arm to another, she dexterously dances her fingers across my neck, ever careful not to let them leave my body unless absolutely necessary. This idea of a longhand, fluid-stroked massage really carries through, and is what makes the Lomi Lomi technique stand out from its other iterations—at least to me.

Me, all ready to go

Juxtaposed against the gentle chill of the room, I’m actually lying chest-down on the bed, my body doused in hot oil. Which, come to think of it, puts me a lot more in common with a slab of fried chicken than I realise. Mmhm. Chicken.

More than just a couple of times, I catch myself drifting in and out of slumber, which is testament to just how comfortable the whole process is—unlike some other massages which sometimes leave you in pain more than pleasure.

STEP 4: Tibetan Singing Bowl Vibrations

This is where the vibrations come in. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not as if you’re straight up going to be thrown into a simulation of a 4.5 earthquake on the Richter Scale, no. Filled with warm water, the Tibetan Singing Bowl is placed on the small of my back, and my therapist gently rims the bowl in a circling fashion, sending light, controlled vibrations rippling through my being.

When 90 minutes is up, the Tingsha cymbals ding once again to awaken my senses, as well as to remind me that my sad, unhaven-like reality of a life (and this article) awaits at the end of bliss.

Closing thoughts

Credit – Spa Esprit

Having my energy reset, and chakras aligned right, I dare say that I walked out of Spa Esprit feeling a little more relaxed than when I entered. I guess we will never truly be certain of the veracity of such practices, but whatever helps us to sleep better at night, am I right?

The world of chakras and energy will continue to fascinate mankind for decades to come, but I personally want to know whether the fate of our health and wellness thoroughly lies in the hands of crystals, the sun and moon, or a higher being our minds can’t even begin to fathom.

So if the master of my fate is currently reading this right now, I could really use some back pain relief and some spare cash—but only if you’re in the mood to bestow your blessings onto me. Thank you, in advance.

Questions with the energy reader

I had the opportunity speak to my therapist, Joanna, about how energy reading became such a big part of her life.

V: What got you into energy reading?

J: I got interested in energy reading after our training (treatment was done on me for trial). One reading was done before the energy healing massage and one was done after the massage.

I was really intrigued by the results as there was a significant improvement to my energy centers. Immediately after the session I felt invigorated and recharged.

V: How would you describe your job to a child?

J: I’m here to provide holistic wellness and to help people to fine-tune their bodies’ energy centers, keeping their energy flowing smoothly, to be relaxed, invigorated, and energised.

V: What’s the one misconception that most people have about energy reading?

J: The first impression of energy reading is often associated with aura, colour psychology, and is linked to the spiritual aspects of things.

Our (Spa Esprit) Emotional Positioning System (EPS) reads your body’s bio-feedback, mapping out your “energetic blueprint”. It recognises and visualises your energy strengths and weaknesses of your seven energy centers—Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Through this reading, three of your weakest energy centers are identified, and we will recommend a customised blend of essential oils, paired with a relaxing massage to bring the energy back to balance.

V: What’s the most extreme/interesting results you’ve had from a client?

J: I remember one of the customers had prolonged stress-induced muscle stiffness and had trouble finding restful sleep. I recommended her to try out the Super Vibrator alongside her regular treatments.

The results from her first bio energy reading came back as expected—her solar plexus, heart, and third eye energy centres were extremely low. She was determined to find a holistic way to counter her stress and rebalance her energies. I’ve gone through several sessions for 2 months with her (once a week) and by the end of the 4th session, the results of her bio energy reading had a tremendous improvement.

She has given feedback that she now feels less agitated, has an improved appetite, and that she finds it easier to fall asleep. She believes that this treatment has helped her a great deal. Every now and then when she visits us, she would always take the time to do a session of energy reading and also continue her regular sessions with me.

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