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“Be Cool” by Gareth Fernandez and Gentle Bones Out Everywhere Now

Local singer-songwriters Gareth Fernandez and Gentle Bones have joined forces to bring us a brand new, groovy crossover single, Be Cool’. ‘Be Cool’ was produced for the aforementioned duo by Marc Lian, or better known as Fulses from R&B trio, brb.

The trio was inspired to write the track based on how today’s generations of youth face self-image issues due to the constant exposure to images that paint unrealistic perceptions of perfection on social media. Uplifting and encouraging in nature, ‘Be Cool’ aims to remind its listeners to remain true to oneself, and that being oneself is all he or she needs to be cool.

Credit – Gareth Fernandez & Gentle Bones

Gareth explained that this song was conceptualised through “talking about life” with Gentle Bones and “noodling around with melodies and lyrics” while Fulses played the guitar. The hook, “ain’t nobody like you when you tryna be cool” hit the songwriters very early on in the writing process, and rest of the song quickly fell into place, built around this hook phrase.

Credit – Gareth Fernandez & Gentle Bones

Gareth’s and Gentle Bones’ vocals are heard in a perfect blend in this contemporary pop/R&B number—all kudos to Fulses. The trio hopes that ‘Be Cool’ will be a song that everyone will enjoy and one that resonates with every individual in its own unique way. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Be Cool by Gareth Fernandez and Gentle Bones | Spotify | Apple Music | Deezer | Listen Everywhere Now

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