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Appetite – Restaurant Nouri’s new integrated space is a haven for creatives

For culinary innovator and extraordinaire, Chef Ivan Brehm, food rarely exists in a vacuum.

Credit – Appetite

Everything is inextricably linked and connected, “Tofu is cheese and sauerkraut is kimchi”, a metaphor that Chef Brehm often uses in Restaurant Nouri. That notion has been thoroughly brought to life in Appetite, a multidisciplinary space just upstairs from the restaurant.

Appetite aims to be an exciting, innovative playground combining an R&D kitchen, record bar, art gallery, and events venue to create a new kind of community across boundaries. There are three main sections pertaining to Appetite and they are Kitchen, Living Room and Art.


Credit – Appetite

If you thought the dishes at Restaurant Nouri were inventive and sublime, this takes it to a whole new level. Dinners at Appetite only happen once a week and for only 10 diners—I know, it’s even more exclusive than Jiro Ono’s restaurant. To add to that, some of the dishes come straight from their R&D menu which draws from Chef Brehm’s deep study of global food traditions and his love of improvisation.

It’s the gastronomical journey you’ll want to take.

Living Room

Credit – Appetite

The Living Room is everything you’d want your dream living room to be. A cosy and stylish space where you can imbibe with Appetite’s eclectic drinks menu along with their state-of-the-art sound system housing an exclusive library of 3,000 vinyl records.  Their selection ranges from Afro Cuban Jazz, 70s rock to 60s Bollywood, an audiophile’s dream surely.

If you like any of their playlists, you can check out their playlists here. A Saturday night doesn’t get any better than that.


Credit – Appetite

This is not the stuffy, highfalutin art gallery, instead, Appetite wants you to experience art at a more informal and relational space. The team curates new exhibitions every three months that feature established and emerging artists. Right now, the ongoing exhibition She/Her examines the representation of the female form from four different artists.

That’s not all, Appetite also serves as a space for salon programming,  masterclasses and public talks. There is no topic off-limits with a focus on interconnectedness and cultural cohesion.

Appetite certainly aims to satisfy that creative hunger, and you know what I’m famished.

Appetite: 72A Amoy Street Singapore 069891 | Opening Hours: 6pm – Late (Tues to Sat), Closed on Sun & Mon | Website | Facebook |Instgram

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