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Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2019: Visit Familiar Places With Unfamiliar Stories

Credit – Arts House Ltd

The seventh Aliwal Arts Night Crawl will be held on 13 July 2019 from 1pm-10pm. This annual multi-disciplinary arts festival will showcase performances, exhibitions, immersive workshops and a night market. The Aliwal Arts Night Crawl includes a mix of curated programmes that showcase the cultural heritage of Kampong Glam.

What You Can Look Forward To

Find out how urbanisation impacts Singapore’s community cats at the 9 Lives Show. Nine local artists and designers use art and design to show people the importance of animal empathy.

Credit – Arts House

Presented by Moonshadow Storie, The Story Tree is a workshop that includes a colouring activity- something you and your kids can enjoy! Guests can expect a performance by Rentak Kita that includes a variety of Malay drums, percussions and Malay rhythms.

Guests can enjoy satay from Brown Palette or artisanal coffee and cakes from Good Coffee Please too.

Credit – Arts House

Overall, you’re sure to find something you love at the Aliwal Arts Night Crawl, with various exhibitions and workshops at the event. It’s great to see events like this paying homage to the culture and history of Singapore.

Festival access is free.

Event hours: 1pm- 10pm

Aliwal Arts Night Crawl: 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918 and Kampong Glam | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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