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Airzone: Drown In All The Fun At This Indoor Suspended Net Playground At Farrer Park

Read any articles recently on “drowning”? *cue drama queen auntie*

The newly-opened Airzone at City Square Mall is the world’s first indoor suspended net playground. It comprises three levels, each with a different challenge, as well as four slides – all suspended in mid-air and supported by nets!

The nets may look flimsy, but they’re not (each level is able to hold up to two buses full of people). In addition, first-aid trained staff will also be stationed at each level to monitor your safety, so you can fully enjoy yourself without worrying.

Free lockers are available just outside the entrance to the playground for you to store your bags at a first come first served basis, but note that each locker cannot be used consecutively, so you can’t unlock it and use the same locker again.

If the lockers are all taken up, you can also stash your belongings on the shelves provided at your own risk.

And before entering the playground, keep your phone safely around your neck in the transparent pouches provided and you’re good to go!

Dive Into 40,000 Balls Mid-Air

Just chillin’ in the ball pit

To answer the million dollar question – no, it is not possible to drown in the ball pit. Trust me, I’m the size of a hobbit, and I’m very much still alive.

It is a little tricky to regain your footing after diving in (which we all did, no ragrets), but here’s a tip: flip around and get into a crawling position, and you’ll find it a lot easier to get back on your feet.

You’d also have to be a special kind of person to be able to choke on the balls, as each ball has a diameter of SEVEN centimetres. Just dive in and have fun.

Try To Dodge The Giant Balls

Big. Balls.

On one of the levels, you’ll see three gigantic beach balls. Fun thing to do: roll a ball towards an unsuspecting friend and watch them try to run from the ball.

Due to the suspension effect, moving around in the playground is like being on the slacker version of a trampoline. You get a bit of a bounce, a bit of a wobble, and a whole lot of fun laughing at people falling over… yourself included.

Chaos ensues

Here’s a chaotic evil move: Unleash all three balls towards your friends and snap a photo!

Explore The Maze Of Nets

Crawl through the double-tiered net maze

Once you get tired of the balls, there’s a double-tiered net maze on another level that you can check out. Nothing much there for us grown-up kids though; I reckon the net maze is more suited for children to find a way out from one end to the other.

Whatever you decide to do, just don’t miss the slides at each level!

Woosh Down The Suspended Slides


There are a total of four slides in Airzone, each one for sliding downwards to the level below. To get to the longest slide, you’ll have to climb up the net at the third level where the maze is.

Psst, we found that the slides at the top levels had the least friction as less people have gone down those ones. Climb up to the higher levels for a fast and furious ride!

– –

Priced at S$20 for a session, Airzone provides a one-of-a-kind experience to play mid-air. For those who refrain from playgrounds due to Singapore’s hot weather, you’ll be glad to know that the cool indoor environment at Airzone will guarantee a bouncing good time, minus the heat and sweat.

From 15 to 28 February 2018, Airzone is giving first-timers a chance to win lucky draw prizes (including a S$888 voucher which can be exchanged for cash)! Just pass your session wristband to one of the staff when you exit for a chance to redeem a red packet from the lucky dip. There is also a 10% discount off admission tickets until 28 February 2018.

Prices: S$18 pre-booked online, S$20 walk-ins (each session is 30 minutes to an hour), S$65 for a four session pass (only for Singapore residents, including Permanent Residents and Pass holders) 

Airzone: 108 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539 | Opening Hours: 10.45am – 9pm (Daily) | Website | Facebook

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