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10 Affordable Gyms In Singapore To Help You Keep Fit Under $100/month

We’ve all thought of hitting the gym at some point in our lives before. But with so many gyms scattered across Singapore, there’s always this problem of choosing which gym to begin training at. And at what price?

For those of us still studying and struggling to cope with our daily expenses, paying a gym membership might not exactly be ideal for us to get fit. But we’ve got you covered fam. Here is a list of affordable gyms in Singapore that you can sign up for, under S$100 a month, in no particular order.

1. ActiveSG

Singapore government-backed ActiveSG gyms are definitely on this list given its price. A monthly pass only costs S$30(only S$1 a day!) and even without a membership, each entry only costs S$2.50,

Upon downloading the ActiveSG application (which you need in order to have access to the gym) and signing up, you will receive S$100 in credits which can not only be used to enter all ActiveSG gyms in the country but also book any of the sporting facilities such as their soccer fields and sporting halls.

Credit – Active SG

With one in almost every neighbourhood, it is no wonder that many Singaporeans flock to ActiveSG. At peak hours, you will have to share the equipment with others so forget about exercising in peace, there’s just too much hustle and bustle. If the gym has reached maximum capacity, the entry will also be closed.

But here’s where the ActiveSG app comes in handy again. You can check the capacity of the gym under ‘Buy’ to plan your visit, which will give you an idea of what timings to avoid or if you should visit another ActiveSG gym.

Price: S$30/month, S$2.50/entry

Operating Hours: 7am – 10pm daily (opening hours may vary for each gym so check their website for more info)

ActiveSG Gyms: Website

2.Gym Boxx

Credit – Gym Boxx FBA monthly membership at Gym Boxx is S$70 (youths under the age of 21) and S$85 (adults).

Credit – Gym Boxx FBWith six outlets across the island, Gym Boxx operates 24/7 so it is perfect for those who have long working hours as well as insomniacs who are looking for a good workout to tire themselves out. GymBoxx also dishes out promotions regularly, so be sure to be on a lookout.

Price: S$70/month(youths under 21), S$85/month(adults)

Operating hours: 24/7

Gym Boxx: Multiple Locations | Website 

3. Gym Pod

If you work near several industrial business parks in Singapore, you may have seen these gym pod containers around.

A gym pod package which allows you to use the pod for 24 sessions(one and a half hours) costs S$75. Before you go into purchasing a membership, you may download their app which entitles you to a free session (U.P S$3.50). To book the pods, all you have to do is download the app and select which timeslot you would like. There is, however, a three-person limit for the pod per session.

These containers may not be as fully equipped as a full gym, however, if you work in the abovementioned areas they make a great pit stop for you to get your daily workout in before you begin work or before you head home.

Price: S$75 (24 sessions)

Operating hours: 24/7

The Gym Pod: Website 

4. Dennis Gym

Started by former Singapore Bodybuilding Federation coach Mr Dennis Tew, Dennis Gym is located at Tai Seng, Farrer Park, Jurong, and Simei, and the first three operate 24/7.

Credit – Dennis Gym FB

Membership at Dennis Gym costs S$78/month for 12 months. You’d have to consider before picking this membership  as this plan requires a full year of commitment.

Credit – Dennis Gym FB

The team at Dennis Gym are not only certified trainers, but most of them are also top national athletes and bodybuilding champions.

Price: S$78/month(for 12 months)

Operating hours: 24/7

Dennis Gym: Multiple locations | Website | Tel: 85432903

5. The Strength Yard

If you are looking for somewhere to do some strength training, look no further than The Strength Yard.

Credit – The Strength Yard FB

The gym houses an assortment of powerlifting equipment, and open gym membership costs S$90/month.

Credit – The Strength Yard FBLocated in Joo Chiat, the gym is home to a team of powerlifting athletes with impressive records. You can be like them and sign up for their group classes in progressive strength as well as beginner Olympic weightlifting(separate rate).

Price: S$90/month(open gym membership)

Operating hours: 6am – 12am

The Strength Yard: 369 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427614  | Website | Tel: 69097449

6. Fitness Workz @ HomeTeamNS

During my research, I was surprised when I found out that you can actually make use of the facilities at HomeTeamNS even if you have not served in the Police Force or SCDF, such as the Fitness Workz gym.

Credit – Fitness Workz Home Team NS FB

Opening as early as 7am, you can start your day right by working out in any of the three gyms located in Balestier, Bukit Batok or Sembawang. The Bukit Batok gym even has a steam room for you to relax your muscles after a good workout.

Credit – Fitness Workz Home Team NS FB

A three-month membership which allows you to access the gym all-day for a non-HomeTeamNS member is S$290(approximately S$97/month). If you are a SAFRA member, you can enjoy the membership for S$160(approximately S$53/month). The deal is even sweeter if you are a HomeTeamNS member- you only need to pay S$53.50(approximately S$17.50/month).

Credit – Fitness Workz Home Team NS FB

Are three months too big of a commitment for you? You can try out a seven-day free trial before deciding.

Price: S$290/3 months(non-member), S$160/3 months(SAFRA member), S$53.50/3 months(HomeTeamNS member)

Operating hours: 7am – 10pm(weekdays), 8.30am – 8pm(weekends)

Fitness Workz: Website/Locations | Seven-day free trial | Tel: 6705 9473

7. EnergyOne @ SAFRA

The SPF and SCDF servicemen may have FitnessWorkz, but the bulk of us who have served/are serving our NS in the SAF aren’t forgotten.

Credit – SAFRA EnergyOne FB

If you have a SAFRA membership, you can sign up for a Silver membership at EnergyOne, which allows you to use EnergyOne facilities in all SAFRA compounds across the island for a whole year. The usual rate is S$909.50/year(approximately S$76/month), but there is a promotion from now till 30 Sept, where you will only have to pay S$642 (approximately S$53.50/month).

Credit – SAFRA EnergyOne FB

ORD-ed six months ago? You may pick up the NSF ORD promotion which only requires you to pay S$385.20 for a whopping 24 months. There’s even training catered for you to help you pass your IPPT.

Credit – SAFRA EnergyOne FB

A normal membership which only allows you to use the facilities at the gym you sign up at starts at S$96.30/month. But with access to state-of-the-art equipment and other SAFRA facilities, it’s definitely worth the money.

Price: S$642.50/year(from now till 30 Sept for SAFRA members), S$385.20/24 months(NSF ORD promotion), S$96.30(non-members) more prices on the website.

Operating hours: 6.30am – 10.30pm(weekdays), 7am – 8pm(Saturdays), 9am – 7pm(Sundays& Public Holidays)

EnergyOne @ SAFRA: Website/Locations | Promotions

8. Gym Brigade

Credit – Gym Brigade FB

Although it primarily caters to aspiring bodybuilders and powerlifters, Gym Brigade isn’t just a place for you to get your daily pump. It is a place which aims to foster a close-knit community of gym-goers.

Credit – Gym Brigade FBLocated in Serangoon, a one-month membership will cost S$100(adults), S$60(NSFs and senior citizens), and S$50 (students). The gym is not air-conditioned as it is believed to aid in training.

Credit – Gym Brigade FB

Gym Brigade also caters sports massages which may be therapeutic after a tiring session. There are also different classes catered for all sorts of fitness goals. These extras can be purchased at a different rate.

Gym Brigade: 480 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534515 | Website | Tel: +65 6282 2830

9. Extreme Fitness

Credit – Extreme Fitness FB

If you stay in the West, Extreme Fitness’ membership starting from S$60/month may sound very appealing to you. Even if you choose not to sign up right away, it only costs S$3.50/entry.

Credit – Extreme Fitness FB

The gym also has a money-back guarantee on its body transformation programs should you wish to sign up(separate rate), for both bulking up and losing weight.

Price: S$60/month, S$3.50/entry(more rates on website)

Extreme Fitness: 12 West Coast Walk @ West Coast Recreation, Singapore 127157 | Website | Tel: : +65 8522 6746  or +65 9850 4792 

10. Bouncing Kids

Like the name suggests, Bouncing Kids is an indoor playground for children aged 12 and below(S$15 per entry). But did you know that the compound also hosts an adult gym?

Credit – Bouncing Kids

Membership at Bouncing Kids costs about S$58/month (adults),  S$48/month (students under 18), and S$38 (senior citizens).

Credit – Bouncing Kids

Credit – Bouncing Kids

Located just a stone throw’s away from Kovan MRT, Bouncing Kids is the perfect place to work out if you are afraid of leaving the young ones at home. The adult gym and indoor playground share the same space, separated by a cafe where you and your child can enjoy a meal after you’ve both expanded your energy.

Price: S$58/month(adults), S$48/month(students under 18) ,  S$38/month(senior citizens), for more rates, check their website 

Operating hours: 8am – 10pm daily

Bouncing Kids: Blk 206, Hougang Street 21, #01-K2, Singapore 530206 | Website | | Tel: +65 6285 3595

Which Singapore Gym Should I Pick?

There’s a lot of factors to take into consideration other than the price tag. It is important to consider other factors, such as location- you don’t want to be travelling across the island just to save money on a membership, as well as your working hours- you don’t want to visit a gym that closes at 9pm and rush through your workout.

Our suggestion? Pick a few of these gyms that fit the bill above and pay a per-entry fee. See if it is suitable for your workout regime before you sign up for a membership, especially if it’s a long term one. Most importantly, COMMIT.

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