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Watch YouTubers Adventures Unlimited hike the old Jurong Line via Maju forest in VR 360

While VR is often used as a medium for gaming, as evinced by our recent experience at VR World, that’s not all virtual reality is good for. As of late, many videos of VR 360 walk-throughs and vlogs have surfaced, making it the perfect way for the viewer to immerse themselves into the on-screen activity while staying indoors and safe distancing.

Credit – Screengrab from Adventures Unlimited

YouTubers from the channel Adventures Unlimited have put together a Green Corridor playlist, a series where they hike the forgotten paths of Singapore’s lush forests, taking the viewer into the experience with them. Here, watch them quite literally trek through the path less travelled as they explore uncharted grounds of nature.

Credit – Screengrab from Adventures Unlimited

If you’re not the most outdoorsy person, you might find some sort of gratification of watching the trek from the comfort of your queen-sized bed with the air conditioning on full blast. While others might feel inspired to slap on sunscreen and mosquito repellant to embark on the hike themselves.

Have I sufficiently piqued your interest? Watch it for yourself below. It’s recommended to watch in at least 1080s HD and with a VR headset if you have one.

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