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6 Netflix Shows To Thrill And Keep You On the Edge Of Your Seat

Don’t get me wrong; I love my Arts House films as much as the next girl. Think Wong Kar Wai’s In The Mood For Love, where buying a bowl of wonton mee is made into cinematic gold. However, there is something about the blood-pumping, adrenaline-filled thrillers that keep you on the edge of your seat and remind you you’re alive.

Delving into the grisly trenches of a well-made psychological thriller can prove just as satisfying as an artsy, aesthetically pleasing Wong Kar Wai scene. Ranging from good’ole horror to gripping slow burners, hold on—you’re in for a ride.

1. JU-ON: Origins

Credit – Netflix

This one is for all horror fanatics, JU-ON: Origins is quite a dream come true for horror enthusiasts. JU-ON is somewhat of an icon in the world of Japanese horror.

This series focuses on the actual events that inspired the classic films. Unlike the usual JU-ON franchise where sullen, pale children abound, JU-ON: Origins takes on a much more brutal spin. With several gut-wrenching and extremely violent scenes of domestic violence, JU-ON: Origins is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

The series is labyrinthine of interconnected stories that span across different periods holding true to JU-ON’s tradition of telling stories. It does get quite complicated and confusing despite being only 30-minutes per episode, so pay close attention if you can even if it’s through the spaces of your fingers.

Who should watch it: Die-hard horror film buffs will not want to miss this. And if you don’t want to sleep at night again, this is the series to catch.

JU-ON: Origins | Watch Here 

2. Gerald’s Game

Credit – Netflix

If horror isn’t you’re cup of tea, then a suspenseful psychological thriller should do the trick.

Gerald’s Game is another Stephen King novel turned film, that just like the main character, will keep you handcuffed to the screen. In an attempt to spice up their marriage, Jessie and her husband, Gerald plans a romantic getaway to a secluded lakehouse to rekindle their marriage.

Jessie, played by the brilliant Carla Gugino (The mom in SPY Kids and A Haunting in Hill House), finds herself handcuffed to the bedpost after her husband dies of a sudden and unexpected heart attack while trying to rekindle their marriage. As she struggles to escape from the handcuffs, hallucinations and weird spectres ensue. Jessie then realises those are not the only handcuffs that have imprisoned her.

Who should watch it: Any fans of Stephen King that can’t get enough of his novels should add this to their repertoire. If anyone is planning a staycation with bae, here’s what not to do.

Gerald’s Game | Watch Here

3. Hush

Credit – IMDb

Hush is a little gem of slasher thriller flick that will have your breath in your throat the entire film. The film tells of Maddie, a deaf and dumb author who lives in an isolated house (a pattern, no?) alone. Everything seems fine until a masked killer decides to make Maddie his next victim and the next 60 minutes is a cat-and-mouse game between Maddie and the killer.

The tight action sequences make Hush a compelling watch, and you’re pulled in from just the first few minutes.

Who should watch it: For those thinking of renting a deserted cabin/house in the woods, let this serve as a cautionary tale. Or a what-to-do if a killer comes for me.

Hush | Watch Here

4. Japan Sinks: 2020

Credit – Netflix

Who should watch it:

A brand new Netflix series with themes that hit close to home. Japan Sinks: 2020 is an animated series based on the famous novel by Sakyo Komatsu written in 1973. Though the series has been adapted several times, adapting the book into an animated series is a first.

Japan Sinks:2020 tells of the lives of four ordinary Japanese families whose lives have been upended by a sudden and apocalyptic earthquake in Japan. The barebones and straightforward animation thrusts you in the realness of the story and doesn’t let go to until the end of the series.

The series doesn’t shy away from the devastation and horror of the earthquake.

Who should watch it: Nothing makes you feel more thankful for your current situation than a natural disaster series. If you are still looking for a compelling anime series, make Japan Sinks:2020 your first one.

Japan Sinks:2020 | Watch Here

5. Psycho

Credit – IMDb

As far as cult classics go, Psycho practically inducted into the Pop Culture Hall of Fame. The iconic bathroom scene and soundtrack is unforgettable and always makes me a little fearful of standing showers with curtains. Well, you know the scene but do you how it lead there and the infamous Bates Motel.

Now, that it’s on Netflix with subtitles (yes!), you can enjoy this Alfred Hitchock classic in all its glory. Shot in black and white, Psycho tells of Marion who encounters the shy and gentlemanly Norman Bates on a stormy night. There’s an air of mystery surrounding Norman, and his intense arguments with his mother intensify this.

A classic suspense thriller, you’ll know this film deserved all its accolades.

Who should watch it: Film nerds should have a field day with the fact that some of Alfred Hitchcock’s works are on Netflix. Dubbed one of the original slasher/thriller films, watch how Hitchcock builds tension in each frame and how it culminates in the final scene. Required viewing for anyone bored of today’s cookie-cutter thrillers with tons of plot holes.

Psycho| Watch Here

6. Bad Genius

Credit – IMDb

Bad Genius is a fast-paced heist thriller movie that might trigger some nightmares about the pressure about exams. This Thai movie was inspired by real-life stories of students cheating on the SATs and how they almost got away with it.

Bad Genius centres around four students who created elaborate schemes to allow them to cheat during exams—you’d wish you had a friend as smart as that.

The intensity and pressure of exams are thoroughly explored in the filmy, and every moment seems to be on a knife-edge. Searing in its commentary about class and education, Bad Genius will leave you on the edge of the seat and thankful you don’t ever have to sit for another national exam.

Who should watch it: For those that somehow want to relive the stress and horror of National exams.

Bad Genius | Watch Here

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