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| On 1 year ago

This Picturesque 2D Cafe In Tokyo Brings Illustration To Life While You Enjoy Your Meal

Japan has always been known for its wide variety of media sketches that have been created and Tokyo has taken several inspirations from these such as the Pokemon franchise cafes and Sailor Moon restaurant. A unique 2D Cafe has just been launched in Shinju-ku where 2D illustrations come to life and it is like stepping into a sketchbook.

Credit – soranews24.com

This amazing place plays tricks on your eyes with amazing 2D illustration plastered on the entire cafe decorations. It makes the world that we are living in seems like a flat drawing upon entering the cafe.

Credit – soranews24.com

In fact, this cafe interior is painted in monochrome and the black edges on all furniture blend seamlessly into the rest of the background as it depicts the sketch lines. With the black edges emphasizing the corners of each furniture, it gives off the visual deception of a flat 2D plane.

Credit – soranews24.com

Even the doors, curtains and flowers that you see look like flat artwork due to the optical illusion although it is in reality three dimensional.

Credit – soranews24.com

As the entire place is filled in a monochrome style, the colours of the delicacies ordered will be strikingly ‘realistic’ and it looks extremely vivid.

Credit – soranews24.com

Other than the food, this place is definitely one for the gram. Especially after a hot day of walking around the streets, the 2D cafe will certainly cool you down with their cold confectionary while you enter a magical world of 2D illustrations.

Opening Hours: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

2D Cafe: Japan, 〒169-0073 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Hyakunincho, 1 Chome−7−5 座ビル 1 | Instagram

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