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| On 4 years ago

11th Hour App: Last Minute Dining Deals At Your Favourite Restaurants In Singapore With Up To 50% Discounts

Heads up to all you food-lovers out there, the 11th Hour app is here to bring you food from your favourite merchants at lower prices.

How does the app work? At non-peak hours or towards the end of the day, restaurants and eateries face a surplus of leftover food from the day which tends to end up in the bin.

11th Hour aims to counter unnecessary food disposal in a win-win situation for merchants and for you.

Food outlets (from hawker stalls to restaurants) offer a deal by creating a post on the app, and many eateries put up discounts that start at minimum of 30% off!

Amazingly fuss-free, simply flash the deal from your phone at the eatery – there’s no need for buying coupons or additional downloads – to enjoy these deals.

Download the 11th Hour app today and your stomach and wallet will thank you for it. Who knows, you might even discover a new restaurant that you end up loving.

11th Hour App: Android, iOS | Facebook

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