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| On 1 year ago

10 Fitness Trainers In Singapore Who Will Whip Your Butt Into Shape

Another year has come and gone, and it’s time again to look into what we wish to achieve in 2018. As far as the mantra ‘new year, new me’ goes, it’s never too late to get crackin’!

I did the sweaty and dirty work of going for one-on-one sessions with most of the trainers in this personally curated list, and I can vouch for how tough yet satisfying these training sessions were.

If you need some real support and motivation, here are 10 trainers who’ll keep you focused and dedicated to gettin’ dem’ gainz.

1. Khid Khairudin

Khid was previously a physical training instructor in the Singapore Armed Forces and worked with children at the PAP Community Foundation as a gym coach. He is also an ACE certified personal trainer, a REHAB Trainer and FMS Level 2 certified trainer.

With his expertise and as Fitness Director of Kilter Avenue, I was very lucky to have Khid push my limits (read: quads on fire), and had me sweating like I had just run through the rain!

Observing my gait and perfecting my form, I used animal-inspired movements and relied on my instinctual reactions when playing ball. At the end of it all, the workout didn’t feel like actual work. In fact, they even have dedicated courses to learn specific skills like pull-ups, handstands and the like.

Prices: Upon request

Kilter Avenue: 6A Shenton Way, Downtown Gallery, #05-01, Singapore 068815 | Tel: +65 6920 7500 | Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 7am – 10.30pm, (Saturday & Sunday) 8am – 5pm | Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Grayce Siu Hui

Credit – Wilsurn and Offgrid Studios

Previously a competitive women’s bodybuilding competitor, Grayce placed fourth in Physique War Women’s Bikini 2015 and second in WBPF Nationals Model Physique 2015 >165cm. Her focus is on toning, sculpting and strengthening, with the ability to cater to her clients’ needs and wants, such as weight loss, cutting, bulking and more.

Grayce took me through a series of leg-focused moves that used the support of benches, combined with a medium load. As I’m already used to lifting in my regular workouts, she was able to push the weight a little more.

Prices: S$70 – S$85 per session

Fitness First Clementi: 321 Clementi Ave 3, 321 Clementi, 6th & 7th Floor, Singapore 129905 | Tel: +65 65384335 | Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 6am – 10pm, (Saturday) 7am – 7pm, (Sunday) 8am – 6pm, (Public Holiday) 8am – 6pm | Website | Facebook

3. Dittaya Mhosomboon

Dittaya is an SGX-certified L1 trainer since early 2017, a qualified Spartan Strong instructor and is also Power Plate-certified. His specialities are team sports, obstacle course training and a bit of CrossFit. I joined in for one of his Spartan workouts and it was not a walk in the park!

For someone who has completed her trifecta, even I was greatly challenged as we did an easy jog to the nearby stadium as a warm-up, before diving straight into a circuit-style workout that saw us pairing off to complete several moves with a partner before doing a 400-metre run.

We were given 15 minutes to complete as many rounds as we can of each circuit, and I sadly, only managed to complete two and a half rounds.

Prices: S$90 – S$115 per session

Fitness First Clementi: 321 Clementi Ave 3, 321 Clementi, 6th & 7th Floor, Singapore 129905 | Tel: +65 65384335 | Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 6am – 10pm, (Saturday) 7am – 7pm, (Sunday) 8am – 6pm, (Public Holiday) 8am – 6pm | Website | Facebook

4. Andyn Kadir

Credit – Strength Avenue

Coach Andyn is a renowned name in the industry, with more than a decade of experience, educating others as well as performing in a competitive setting. He is a professional kettlebell lifter and one of the most sought-after kettlebell coaches in Singapore.

With a bevvy of accreditations and qualifications to his name, as well as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Strength Avenue, our session started with him observing how my alignments were and had me do squats and lunges across the floor to gauge my mobility.

For this session, I performed unassisted weighted squats and managed to hit a personal best of 55 kilos. He also gave me pointers on how to get to a pull-up, finished by several gruelling cardio rounds with a torque tank.

Prices: From S$120 per session

Strength Avenue: 63 Kampong Bahru Road, #02-02, Singapore 169369 | Tel: +65 8594 4701 | Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 7.30am – 9pm, (Saturday) 8am – 1pm, (Sunday) Closed | Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Hisham Musa

Hisham, or more popularly known as Coach Sharm, has plenty on his plate.

Besides running his own company, Team Fitness Guru, which specialises in group training, corporate fitness programmes and health and nutrition consultancy, he is also a consultant and an adjunct lecturer at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, facilitating one of the modules from the Sport Science and Management programme.

During our session, he made me step out of my comfort zone through TRX training, as well as working with a BOSU ball. These require a lot of core work and stability, and I was visibly shaking from having to hold myself up, and even though most of the work was bodyweight-based, it definitely got my muscles feeling sore the next day.

Prices: S$58 – S$158 per session

The Fitness Studio: 100 Jalan Sultan, Sultan Plaza, #03-10, Singapore 199001 | Tel: +65 9109 0995 | Opening hours: By appointment only | Website | Facebook

6. Shollehin Rafee

As someone who is a PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer and has United States Sports Academy Certification (Personal Trainer), Shollehin prides himself creating a programme that is both motivating and enjoyable for his clients.

With a special interest in Muay Thai, Shollehin’s conditioning methods work in favour for those who are looking to improve their metabolic state.

I was put into a pair of boxing gloves, and went through a basic boxing practice which managed to work up a decent sweat with focused attention and commitment to every punch.

Prices: From S$100 per session

Pure Fitness Ngee Ann City: 391 Orchard Rd, Ngee Ann City Podium Block, Level 8, Singapore 238873 | Tel: +65 6506 0460 | Opening hours: (Monday to Saturday) 6am – 12am, (Sunday & Public Holiday) 8am – 10pm | Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Sreerag Kaniyan Kandy

Sreerag is a charismatic individual who has had seven years of personal training. With certifications such as Indian Body Building Federation, Level 1 TNT Kickboxing Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer (USSA) under his belt, his speciality lies in powerlifting, weight loss and strength training.

His commitment to results, coupled with a good balance of encouragement and pushing one to their limits, you are in confident hands when training with him.

Prices: S$70 – S$90 per session

True Fitness Harbourfront Centre: 1 Maritime Square, HarbourFront Centre, #03-23/28, Singapore 099253 | Tel: +65 6278 3000 | Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 7am – 10.30pm, (Saturday & Sunday) 7am – 9pm, (Public Holiday) 8am – 8.30pm | Website | Facebook

8. Nik Rehan

If you’re looking for some tough lovin’, look no further than Nik. As an all-rounder, he’ll whip your butt into fighting fit shape. He holds a diploma in Sports Science, Level 2 TNT Kickboxing Fitness Instructor (IKF) and is a Certified Personal Trainer (USSA). I

f you’re keen to get trim and stay fit while learning defensive skills, he also specialises in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Keen on improving your distance in marathons? Let him know your concerns and he’ll be more than happy to help you work through your setbacks and cross that finish line!

Prices: S$70 – S$90 per session

True Fitness Harbourfront Centre: 1 Maritime Square, HarbourFront Centre, #03-23/28, Singapore 099253 | Tel: +65 6278 3000 | Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 7am – 10.30pm, (Saturday & Sunday) 7am – 9pm, (Public Holiday) 8am – 8.30pm | Website | Facebook

9. Desmond Toh

As a contestant in Manhunt Singapore 2017, Desmond’s passion for fitness actually didn’t start until his National Service Days. He is now an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, CPR-trained, an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, is a Rehab Trainer for injury rehabilitation and has bodybuilding experience for more than three years now.

Although fitness should always be holistic, those who are seeking to reach a desired aesthetic (for bodybuilding or simply wanting that coveted six-pack!), Desmond’s personal experience will aid you in your journey. With sheer determination and a goal in mind, your physique will look good in no time!

Prices: S$77 – S$88 per session

Fitness First Market Street: 63 Market Street, Bank of Singapore Centre, #02-01 & #03-01, Singapore 048942 | Tel: +65 64383163 | Opening hours: (Monday to Friday) 6am – 10pm, (Saturday) 7am – 7pm, (Sunday) 10am – 5pm | Website | Facebook

10. Doreen Yeo

For someone who was never an active individual growing up, Doreen had to overcome great obstacles, especially when she was involved in a car accident at 14 years old. She endured several operations for her torn anterior cruciate ligament in the knee and slipped discs in the spine.

Today, she’s an acclaimed bodybuilding champion, having won the 2013 Shawn Rhoden Physique competition and the 2014 South-east Asian Bodybuilding Championships. If you’re keen to take up weightlifting but feel intimidated or are still learning about how best to maximise the weight area in your gym, Doreen is one of the best people in the industry to turn to.

Prices: Upon request

Doreen Yeo: Facebook

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