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Zeppelin & Co.: Sim Lim Square Comes Alive With The Sound Of Music

Anti-social? No. Introverted is the word you’ll be looking for when stepping into Zeppelin & Co.

This is a sanctuary for those of us that enjoy being alone — most of the time. And it’s an audiophile’s dream as well. With the catalogue of quality audio equipment carefully curated by Founder, music lover, introvert, sound aficionado and founder Kristy Song.

Located in the notoriously unethical Sim Lim Square, Zeppelin & Co. stands out. With their attention to detail and desire to create a safe space for those in search for audio equipment, Zeppelin & Co. is a special not only in Sim Lim Square but, in Singapore.

More Than Amps And Ohms

Purchasing (quality) audio gear is a daunting task, they don’t come cheap and you can’t help but feel the staff silently judging you, should you not choose to purchase after testing. And the feeling gets worse if you choose to go back a second time, just to be sure.

This is exactly what Kristy eliminates from Zeppelin & Co., the air of intimidation. Kristy is adamant about helping anyone and everyone that walks into Zeppelin & Co. find something that fits not only their music needs but, budget.

With some customers sitting down for up to two hours testing gear, buyer and seller almost inevitably become friends.

Hardly talking about about amps, ohms and other technicalities, Kristy and her right hand man Thushan instead get to know their customers tastes and needs through the music they listen to. Which sounds perfect to someone like me — a layman when it comes to audio equipment.

The Love For Music

The roots of Zeppelin & Co. can be traced to Kristy’s interest in the history and anthropology of music. With nothing like it ever done in Singapore (to our knowledge), she decided that just because it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t mean people don’t want it. A shining example in a sea of overdone, rubbish copycats and mass market nonsense.

With the cafe space fitting seamlessly into the shop, it provides customers a reason to hang around to chat — or tune out from the world.

Zeppelin & Co. creates an experience that’s hard to come by in the hustle and bustle of living in a city. It creates a community for individuals that share similar interests and a space to escape it all.

Stay In The Loop

Besides the whole audio cafe concept, you’ll want to be in the loop with Zeppelin & Co.’s upcoming plans. Already in the business of hosting music and sound appreciation workshops much like coffee appreciation workshops, Kristy hopes to increase the knowledge of music and sound appreciation locally.

I mistook these hi-resolution music players for old mp3 players.

With the ongoing Music Mondays which is simply their weekly song recommendation, Zeppelin & Co. hopes to take it one step further and launch something Kristy has dubbed Jukebox Friday.

As Kristy explained, Jukebox Friday will be a weekly meet up at the shop where people can learn more about music, sound and learn to appreciate other people’s choice of music while sharing theirs; Without passing or being judged.

Which sounds great to me because, I’m guilty of stomping on a few friend’s love for Taylor Swift. I’ll be there to repent for my musical transgressions as soon as Jukebox Fridays are made real.

Zeppelin & Co.: Sim Canal Rd #02-78, 1 Teck Lim Rd, Singapore 188504 | Opening hours: 11am – 8pm, Closed Mondays

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