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World’s Best Dad Creates Bathing Suit Bottoms for Trans Girls so Every Girl Can Shine

Sometimes, people struggle with their identities and not all parents understand that. Lucky for Ruby, she’s got a supportive father, Jamie Alexander, that not only supports her transition but will go the extra mile to make her happy and keep her safe.

Credit – Rubie Shines

When Ruby was 11 years old, Jamie had planned a trip where they’d visit a beach in Panama. Her daughter expressed that she wanted to wear a bikini and he was worried that she may feel hurt if her swimwear showed a bulge in its bikini bottom or that other people may call her out and bully her. After a quick search online, he discovered that other parents shared the same concerns and sentiments as him.

He was an entrepreneur in the tech industry but had no previous experience when it came to fashion. Nonetheless, he did not let this factor weigh him down and began developing a new line of swimwear bottoms for trans girls.

The bottoms feature smoothing compression technology to hide one’s genitalia. He then started a small company called Rubies, named after his daughter, and unveiled his new invention by launching the product for sale.

Credit – Rubies

Now, the company sells swimwear bottoms for trans girls that are available in black and sparkling pink. They can be paired with bikini tops purchased elsewhere separately. The company also sells T-shirts that fashion their slogan “Every Girl Deserves to Shine” so parents can show their support to their kids.

The bottoms sell for $44USD($62.40SGD) on the site but he intends on sending free pairs to girls whose families can’t afford them. Jamie also has visions to create an additional one-piece bathing suit and leggings for trans girls who practice dance and gymnastics.

That’s not all, people who purchase the bottom also get a sweet handwritten card from him and his daughter. This is just one way where the power of technology and innovation can be used to change lives for the better.

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