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A Whole New World of Virtual Disney Rides — Available On Youtube Now

Starting from February and March 2020, Disneyland and Disney World around the world have announced its temporary closure as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19.

Necessary and disappointing as it may be, thanks to the Internet, we can all experience the most magical place on Earth from the comfort and safety of our homes. You can find Disney Virtual Rides in 360-degree videos on Youtube. The channel features 12 virtual Disneyland rides you can enjoy without the trouble of purchasing a FastPass.

Each virtual ride lasts around one to 14 minutes. These videos are not from an official Disney account but are instead made from footage shared by previous riders. Thus, you might find yourself ‘queuing up’ for the rides as though you’re at the theme park yourself.

For a more authentic experience, set it up on your VR headsets or your smartphones and connect your earpiece so you can get the “all-around-you” sound effect. Then, saddle down on the rolling chair, strap on those imaginary seat belts, and you’re all set for a stomach-churning, adrenaline-pumping adventure!

Besides providing a thrilling gravity-defying ride, these videos offer a comprehensive glimpse of the exciting line-ups we can expect from Disneyland. You can always add these attractions to your future itinerary in case you’re planning a visit there when the pandemic dies down.

Virtual Disney World | Watch Here

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