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Wanderlust Hotel: Cure Your Persisting Travel Bug With A Staycation At This Dreamlike Hotel In Little India

Wanderlust — a persisting first-world problem that probably hits you at least once a month or so. After all, with the onslaught of social media, we are constantly flooded with images, videos, snapchats, instastories and whatnot of our friends or “friends” travelling the world.

To make things worse, once you catch the “wanderlust flu”, it does not go away easily. Some of you may have already found your own unique cure for this but for those who are still struggling to fight the bug, perhaps it’s time to embrace wanderlust (quite literally).

Nested within the charming enclave of Little India, Wanderlust Hotel is an experimental boutique hotel showcasing a diverse range of creatively-themed rooms that promise to chase away your persisting wanderlust or at least provide temporary relief.

If you are a fan of industrial-themed spaces, it will not take long for the lobby of Wanderlust Hotel to seal the deal. I especially loved the inclusion of old-school items that many of us would definitely find familiar, such as the rustic barber shop chair.

Even before entering our room, the splashes of colours along the dimly-lit corridor was reason enough to stop us in our tracks for some dope “into-the-room” shots. Yes, you can finally add those cool hashtags without being too pretentious.

Whether you are a fan of The Beatles, a follower of Wes Anderson films or simply a lover of the colour yellow, this Pantone Deluxe Room is what staycation dreams are made of. Paying homage to The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”, the neon lights provide the perfect backdrop for mood shots.

Did I mention that the room features a vintage cast-iron bathtub as well? The only catch is that it takes the open-concept perhaps a little too seriously. But if you are an advocate for frolicking around au naturel, please do not hesitate to jump right in.

If not, taking a shot for the ‘gram is what you need to do at the very least. Honestly, how often do you see such a nice setup, amirite?

Although one of the most enjoyable activities during a staycation is undoubtedly practicing the ancient art of nua-ing indoors, there is a hidden sanctuary out there where you can, for the lack of a better word, nua as well.

Following the signs along the corridor will lead you to this rainbow-themed outdoor jacuzzi that’s perfect for an afternoon dip (fully-clothed).

Going up the flight of stairs right next to the jacuzzi rewards you with a top-down view of lesser-seen alleys in the area as well. If you are a fan of people-watching, spending some time here idly observing people and their interactions (or lack of) can be pretty therapeutic.

Something else I really liked is the accessibility to a wide variety of food right at your doorstep. Apart from prata houses all around to tide over your midnight cravings, Dickson Food Garden —a restaurant by day and pub by night— is the perfect chill-out spot in the evening.

We have all had monotonous days chock-full of work or assignments that seem to pile up by the minute. On these days, the effects of a persisting wanderlust hits us hard. While it may not be feasible to travel every so often, a staycation at Wanderlust Hotel will definitely do the trick.

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Wanderlust Hotel: 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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