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Vintage Nostalgia — Singapore Homeowner Renovates Home To Look Like Old Family House

If you’re like me and dream of living in a Wong Kar Wai film, I’m here to tell you that you can turn that dream into a reality. A two-bedroom HDB owner did just that and renovated his home to look exactly like the family home he grew up in. The home owner’s family home is located in Tiong Bahru, where pre-war designed HDBs are located.

Principle designer of interior design studio Free Space Intent, Raymond Seow was initially hesitant to start the project head-on as he had little knowledge on the smaller details of old Tiong Bahru. He studied his old family home and that helped him to develop a better understanding of the lifestyle and the materials and furniture used in the 1980s and 1990s.

Due to the vintage design of the home, many things were not mass-produced, which let the homeowner and Raymond look for materials in non-conventional ways, sometimes even through the trash. The renovation took place sporadically over three months and the planning of the design did not involve a very detailed 3-D rendering like most renovations would require.

I can only wish that I would one day be able to afford to live in such a beautifully designed house, from the photos, my favourite design element has to be the master bedroom window panes that the homeowner found by chance.

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