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Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara: Can This ‘Sex-Proof’ Mascara Really Do What It Claims?

As a girl with short, skimpy eyelashes, mascara is a must-have in my makeup arsenal. But as anyone who uses mascara will know, the more you try to layer on those lush lashes, the clumpier your lashes will get.

The other issue with the copious use of mascara is the staying power. In Singapore’s sweltering heat, walking alone can cause your makeup to melt off. Don’t even talk about the mess after running to catch your bus!

Which is why I knew I had to try the new Troublemaker Mascara ($38) from Urban Decay. Claiming to be ‘sex-proof’, I figured this could only mean that the mascara has amazing staying power. After all, sex is definitely a full-body workout.

I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, and Urban Decay once again delivers a quality product in a gorgeous tube. I absolutely loved the iridescent holographic packaging, and the midnight-black mascara formula looked amazing too.

The brush itself has bristles of varying lengths, and the short nubs helped to add volume when I applied the mascara. The longer bristles are more bendy, which helped to separate and fan out the individual eyelashes.

It’s amazing what a difference this made because I didn’t experience the clumping that happens with other volumising mascaras.

The formula was also quite smooth, and didn’t crumble or flake during application. This is absolutely crucial, because can you imagine flakes of mascara getting into your eye? Ouch! 

I loved how much more volume and length it gave my pathetic lashes and the amazing formula is definitely water-proof.

After quite a few dunks in the sea, there was minimal smudging, and most of the mascara was still on my lashes (seen in the picture above). Definitely handy for those tropical downpours — you may be drenched, but your mascara will still be flawless.

But I knew I had to put it through some vigorous action to really test its claims of being ‘sex-proof’. So, with my boyfriend’s help, I decided to swipe on some mascara to see if it could last through some hot, steamy, sweat-drenched action.

Running lah (what were you thinking?)… I must have looked pretty ridiculous, decked out in sports gear but sporting fluffy thick lashes. Yes, we went for the YOLO run. Panting at the finish line, I was drenched with sweat from head to toe. Time to see if the mascara held up!

The verdict? While the Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara may be stunningly water-proof, it wasn’t completely sweat-proof. Smudges of the formula were visible at the corners of my eyes, and along the lower lash line as well.

Somehow, some of the mascara had also transferred onto the upper eyelids, even though I did not wipe or brush the sweat from anywhere around my eye area during the run.

On the bright side, a fair amount of the formula still clung to my eyelashes. If I could overlook the smudging, my lashes still looked much fuller and longer than usual.

Of course, assuming that most people won’t have sex that is as intense as a 5km run under the hot sun (or do they?), the Troublemaker Mascara from Urban Decay is a good boost for your make-out makeup.

I did end up testing the sex-proof mascara for what it was intended for (heh heh), and it held up pretty well. Some smudging was inevitable, but for the most part, I retained those fluffy and thick lashes. Definite plus points for staying on even after things got hot and steamy!

For all you short-lashed girls out there, grab a tube of this new cult favourite to give your lashes that extra oomph.

It may not be totally sweat-proof, but it’s water-proof and most importantly, it stays on even when you get it on. What more could you ask for?

Price: S$38

Urban Decay Cosmetics, Troublemaker Mascara: Various Sephora and Urban Decay outlets | Tel: +65 6734 3126 | Opening Hours: 10am – 9.30pm | Website

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