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Unusual Face Cleansers In SG: Would You Use The Oil Foam, Cleansing Powder Or Cleansing Bar?

Facial cleansing has always been such a mundane daily routine signifying the end of a day or the beginning of another. It feels like such a hassle to have to remove my makeup and wash my face, especially after a particularly long day.

But this week I’ve been having more fun switching up this part of my day by trying out some unusual face cleansers. Some of these face cleansers are so strange that I got a bit of a kick trying them.

There’s an oil cleanser that dispenses in the form of a non-drip foam, a face wash that comes in powder form and even a facial cleansing bar.

The best part is that they’ve made the task less dreadful by eliminating the need for a two-step cleanse (removing your makeup and then proceeding with a face cleanse).

Incorporating the three types of face cleansers to remove my makeup, I’ve assessed them based on effectiveness, comfort, ease of use and affordability.

For reference, I’ve included eyeshadow, a brow powder, eyeliner, concealer, highlighter, blush and the infamous budge-proof ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip.

TheFaceShop All Clear Oil Whip

The All Clear Oil Whip is one of TheFaceShop’s latest releases and it’s supposed to eliminate the problem of oil cleansers dripping all over the place.

Look at how it’s not even falling off my hands!

Though this is an oil cleanser, the product is dispensed in a foam-like formula. It’s non-drip, which means that it is dense enough to defy gravity.

Also, the All Clear range is supposed to clean off all your makeup as well as remove all the residual dirt and gunk from your face. Thus, you can skip the double cleanse.

The product is meant to be applied to dry skin before rubbing it in and then rinsing off with lukewarm water. The foam will eventually dissolve into this slick oil coating after coming into contact with water.

I’ve never been a fan of oil cleansers because I find them messy but that problem is solved with this non-drip formula. Also, the product works great — with just two pumps, it effectively removed every last bit of my makeup.

However, I had to rub rather vigorously to remove the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip and this formula stung my eyes slightly.

Nonetheless, priced at S$19, this is probably the most value-for-money purchase out of all three cleansers.

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

This little tub of goodness has been around for a while but has only become readily available in Singapore recently. Before this, I’ve heard of people who stock up on this each time they travel to Japan.

The little tubs of powder are incredibly convenient for travels. For short trips, just pop a few in and they take up practically no space. The powder formula also means that they can be brought onboard and will come in handy for freshening up during a long-haul flight.

Upon contact with water, the powder lathers into a foam. After working it onto your skin, the foam dissipates and it feels like you’re washing your face with regular face wash.

The Suisai Beauty Clear Powder was really gentle on my skin and it didn’t sting my eyes at all. All the makeup was removed easily and I didn’t have to tug on my skin as much as with the oil whip.

However, this product is quite pricey. Priced at S$27 for 32 tubs, it won’t even last you for a month considering that we wash our faces twice a day.

Erno Laszlo Sensitive Cleansing Bar

I’ve seen bars of soap to wash your laundry or your body but this is my first time seeing one for the face. This is actually the sample size of the Erno Laszlo Sensitive Cleansing Bar that I received from Sephora.

Since the actual Cleansing Bar is priced at S$60, I had very high expectations for this bar of (face) soap.

True enough, it didn’t disappoint in terms of efficacy. In just two swipes, I removed all my makeup apart from the stubborn ColourPop lipstick. As you can see, there’s still a slight tint that I couldn’t really remove.

However, it left my skin feeling tight and very dry after cleansing. But, I felt that it left my zits looking a lot less red and angry.

This cleansing bar is perhaps the most environmentally friendly since it doesn’t have a lot of packaging, unlike the Suisai Beauty Clear Powder.

However, it is the most exorbitantly priced and I had some doubts about the hygiene. The cleansing bar was also rather hard to handle because it was so tiny and slippery.

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The three types of cleansers above are some of the latest unusual face cleansers that are currently available on the market. Which one is your favourite?

For affordability and perhaps as a daily staple, I’d choose TheFaceShop’s Oil Whip. However, I’m also definitely stashing away some of Suisai’s Beauty Clear Powder for short trips and vacations!

Prices: S$19 – S$60

Unusual Face Cleansers: TheFaceShop | Suisai | Erno Laszlo

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