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10 Tips To Help You Survive & Thrive At Every Music Festival Ever

Music festivals are where phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime memories are created with your squad. However, if you fail to prep yourself adequately, things may just plunge from hundred to zero real quick.

Minor hiccups are inevitable, but who wants a disaster when all you wanted was to let your hair down and party over the weekend, right?

With this ultimate music festival survival guide, you will not just survive, but thrive throughout the weekend of raving.

1. Stay Fresher Than The Prince of Bel-Air

Sweaty bodies everywhere, hands in the air like we don’t care.

Well, that’s easy to say if you’re Miley. But if you’re planning to air your sweaty pits while fist-pumping the air, your fellow ravers would certainly not be as forgiving.

A couple of essential toiletries (e.g. tissue paper and wet wipes) should be sufficient to help you stay fresh throughout the day.

That being said, remember to pack light. Surely you wouldn’t want to spend your day lugging a bag heavier than your emotional baggage. 

2. Bring Portable Chargers To Juice Up Your Phone

What’s a festival without thirty minutes worth of Snapchats of your favourite artists, with you screaming in the background?

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? With all the pictures and IG stories you’re going to be posting, your phone battery is definitely going to drain out faster than you, so keep those portable charges handy. 

3. Waterproof Your Things With Sealable Bags

The last thing you’ll want is for the rain to dampen your mood (and everything in your bag).

Do not underestimate those re-sealable plastic bags your mother used to keep your sandwiches in — not only is it a simple way to compartmentalise your things, it will also lighten your load.

Throw in a couple of important cards (I’m quite sure you won’t be needing your gym or eyebrow threading membership card) and some cash into one, seal it up, Voila! Your own waterproof wallet.

4. Check Out Weather Reports Beforehand

With Singapore’s erratic, crazier-than-your-ex weather, I would recommend including both your shades and a disposable poncho in your bag.

You can even double up and use the disposable poncho as a mat if the ground gets too muddy!

5. Work Those Fanny Packs

Don’t be that friend that goes around trying to ‘tompang’ items in your friend’s bag. Or the “Babe, can I put my phone in your bag… And my wallet and keys and * insert never-ending list of items” kind of boyfriend. Your girlfriend isn’t a camel.

Bear in mind though, that there are certain bag restrictions. And if you’re worried that the fanny pack is going to ruin your outfit… Check out Exit’s vintage collection that is definitely Hypebae and Hypebeast approved.

6. Wear Comfy Sneakers That You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty

We recommend wearing covered shoes, lest your toes get trampled on by the throngs of intoxicated ravers. Slippers are out of the question, unless you’re going to be raving on the beach (e.g. ZoukOut).

Additional tip: Carry a carabiner, in case you want to remove your slippers, but do not want to end up holding them all night. 

7. Make Wise Fashion Choices

You may also want to think twice before making questionable fashion decisions.

Yeah sure, bandanas, flash tattoos, chokers and whatnot — they look cool, but if you’re planning to start your rave at noon, you better think twice.

The (potential) tan lines are going to look unsightly for the next couple of days… Or at least until your tan fades.

8. Check If You’re Carrying Prohibited Items

Selfie sticks. Umbrellas. Spiked jewellery — come on, do yourself and your fellow ravers a favour. Your slurry and out-of-tune singing is hazardous enough.

If you’re heading to Ultra Music Festival Singapore 2018 this weekend, and not sure which of your items are allowed, check out the full list.

9. Do A Water Parade

We can’t emphasise this more, but people passing out from dehydration and exhaustion is actually a common sight. In the days leading up to the event, get enough sleep and start loading up on water.

Have a look at the timings of the various sets beforehand and plan your time well. Pace yourself, stop for hydration breaks and don’t try to be garang… Unless you want to end up as that burden friend who passes out even before the headliners hit the main stage.

10. Go Hard, But Go Home Safe

And finally… No matter how much you dread it, the party will come to an end eventually.  

Plan or make your transport arrangements beforehand. You will most probably want to avoid being caught in the massive congestion of exhausted and angsty party-goers, who like you, just can’t wait to get home.

You can consider leaving earlier or walking down a street away from the event venue to flag a cab. The next best alternative would probably be to find somewhere and lepak with your friends until the various public transports are in operation. How does a post-rave McDonald’s breakfast sound?

– –

That being said, don’t sweat the petty stuff (or pet the sweaty stuff — whatever floats your boat). At the end of the day, good experiences will create wonderful memories, but bad experiences will make for great stories.

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