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Celebrate Your Partner With #TheLoveProject By Superga

People’s shoes of Italy, Superga, reinvented the silhouette of the classic sneaker by producing shoes with vulcanized rubber soles, promising flexibility, and durability.

This February, Superga Singapore has launched #TheLoveProject, that explores love through the eyes of three different couples as they style each other with the classic Superga 2750. Championing diversity, the iconic shoe brand looks into the different ways love is expressed, defined and accepted, mirroring the plethora of colourways available in this line—there’s definitely a pair for everyone.

Credit – Superga

With the task of styling each other from top to toe, take a look at how the couples have decided to dress each other. Camira and Amy, a fashion designer and a Dj respectively have been together for three years and dressed each other in a contrasting manner.

Camira spots a matching printed light green suit jacket and pants combo with pink flowers and dark green leaf accents. Her outfit is completed with the Superga 2750 Green Sage picked out by her partner. In stark contrast, Amy is dressed in a more minimal fashion with white coloured top and bottoms and a statement blue jacket, on her feet are the shoes in Total White.

Credit – Superga

Stephanie is a Fitness Studio Manager and Bryan is a Product Manager, who have been together for nine years. This couple is dressed in monochromatic looks, with white tops and black bottoms and statement jackets to give the outfit a pop of colour. With Stephaine’s blue denim jacket, Bryan chose to complete her look with the Superga 2750 Classic in Azure, a pale blue colour to match her denim jacket. Stephanie decided to do the same and selected the sneaker in Yellow Golden to accompany his camel toned outerwear.

Credit – Superga

In identical outfits (sans Mark’s jacket) we have Kaci the model and Mark the student. Dressed in white tops and denim jeans, Mark completes Kaci’s outfit with her favourite colour pink with the Superga 2750 in Pink Smoke. And Mark’s look is completed with the same shoe in Black.

Shoes with stories—what story will your Superga 2750 tell? Get inspired by the way the couples dressed each other and express your love by getting your partner a pair. With 32 colourways to choose from, the only thing you’ll be, is spoiled for choice.

The Superga 2750 Classic retails for S$69.90 at all Superga retail stores.

Price: S$69.90
Location: Various Locations 

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