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.Wav(y): Dress Up & Dance To The Latest Hip-Hop Music At This “House Party” At Canvas Club

A typical outfit of someone at .Wav(y) includes a Gosha Rubchinskiy track jacket, Places+Faces sling bag, and a pair of Supreme Kurt Cobain-inspired sunglasses.

.Wav(y), often mentioned in the same breath as Supreme and Balenciaga, has championed the nightlife scene in Singapore with one heck of a best-dressed crowd since they started hosting parties in 2015.

This May 2018, they collaborated with GUESS to host the .Wav(y) x GUESS Originals official after-party at Canvas Club, where most of their events take place.

With GUESS Originals dropping a ’90s rewind capsule collection, and .Wav(y) being a hip-hop party, this event was a mash-up of the retro-vintage vibe and hip-hop. Think Redbone by Childish Gambino.

The best-dressed individual stood a chance to win a full outfit by GUESS, and it was definitely a tough choice for the judges.

Started three years ago, in an unknown bar at Arab street with a mosh pit of five, DJ P R A V and XG’s hip-hop scene has since flourished. Today, the queue snakes as far back as a good 50m from the entrance.

What seems to be a collected and well-mannered crowd queuing in an orderly fashion is just a facade. Once alcohol and strong bass beats are introduced, the energy of the brazen youths demonstrates why there’s such a hype for .Wav(y).

Of course, moshing and crowd surfing happens at the peak of the night. Don’t worry, by that point, you won’t be the only one ruining your outfit with sweat.

The People Who Brought The Coolest Party To Town

We talked to P R A V and DeeJay XG, the headlining DJs from .Wav(y), about the fashion and music that has become their very own brand name.


Why did you choose the name .Wav(y)?

P R A V: Back in the day when the word ‘dope’ was used to describe anything that’s nice; like “your outfit is dope. you look dope”, ‘wavy’ was a term that was used along the same meaning. We bracketed the ‘y’ leaving out ‘wav’ because .wav is the highest compressed audio format. So there’s a play on the word behind it.

How did wavy come about?

P R A V: We found that there was a lack in the nightlife scene for the new school kids. And most of the hip-hop lines are dedicated to ’90s & ’80s music. Thus we decided on a crazy idea to host a party for friends only.

It started at this bar, koi bangers at Arab Street. There were only five people in our ‘mosh pit’ and organically the crowd just grew. It was more of a house party and invites spread by word-of-mouth, and eventually, it just flourished.

Since Higher Brothers and Rich Brian were featured at ZoukOut 2017, has Singapore’s nightlife scene changed?

P R A V: It’s not too bad when festivals are more open to hip-hop music. Plus, hip-hop is now at the forefront of all forms of music. Back then it was EDM, now every club you walk into it’s hip-hop, hip-hop, everywhere.

Do you feel that with these other clubs playing hip-hop too, it’s turning into a competition for you?

P R A V: I feel that everyone has their own lane in terms of their own sound. You represent a certain sound, a certain demographic. To each his own.

Why do you think your events bring in a crowd where people actually dress up?

P R A V: Back then, how we promoted ourselves was as a platform where new kids could show up for new school music. They could dress however they liked. And our music has strong ties to streetwear and the sneaker culture. I mean we don’t dictate how people dress, it’s a mash-up of everything here; from vintage and retro to streetwear.

DeeJay XG: It’s just a concept where you have to look good for a hip-hop party. I don’t think there’s a party out there where you dress up and come out all sweaty, your outfit completely gone. If you did, it shows that you did have a good time.

What’s your inspiration for clothes?

P R A V: I’ve got a couple of style icons I look up to like Kanye, A$ap Rocky, Disguise and all.

DeeJay XG: I think whatever that’s out there, I will be rocking it already. I’m not a pioneer, it’s like deja vu to me.

Describe your outfit for us!

P R A V: My T-shirt is from GUESS. It just came out yesterday, [I’m] rocking the ’90s rewind since they brought back the ’90s theme. My pants are from de blanc, a local streetwear brand, shoes-wise, I’ve got on blue Air Force Ones.

DeeJay XG: Anything Ralph Lauren and Supreme.

— —

If hip-hop music and streetwear are your jam, live out this party of your dreams at their next event! And don’t forget to dress up.

Dates & Times: Next .Wav(y) party is on 9 June 2018, 10pm till late

.Wav(y): (Usually at) Canvas Club, 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-01, The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416 | Website | Facebook

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