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| On 4 years ago

The Authority : Transform Your Typical Style With A Korean Makeover At This Local Brand In Orchard

Have you stared into a wardrobe full of clothes, piled up to the seams and yet still struggled to piece an outfit together? Maybe it’s time for a fashion intervention.

In this article, I’ll be giving my colleague a Korean-inspired makeover with the gracious help of one of our local labels, The Authority

I’ve always considered myself a style guy, not purely for the aesthetic but I do understand the social implications and overall improvement in your life that you get from feeling comfortable in your own skin. Contrary to popular belief, you do get treated differently when you’ve visibly put effort into your outfits.

So, when I saw the potential within my colleague to elevate his style to whole new heights, I jumped on the idea. Ticking off the boxes on my personal checklist, I narrowed it down to a sleeker and cleaner look akin to those Korean ulzzangs on the ‘gram. And I immediately knew I had to seek the help of The Authority to achieve that look.

From initial impressions, you knew what you what to expect with The Authority . Basics done right, with a spectrum of colours ranging from salmons all the way to shades of moss green. Designed with trendy cutting and high-quality fabrics, you are getting a bang for your buck here.

My colleague was presented with three different outfits that personified the ulzzang look I requested him to be styled with reference to.

Boyfriend Material

The first one was, in my opinion, a boyfriend look consisting of a faux suede biker jacket (S$89), an oversized raw-hem inner tee (S$29) along with a drawstring suit pants (S$29) for the classy yet comfortable finish.

Doesn’t this look makes you want to scream “Oppa”? The monochromatic ensemble is safe, void of any type of tacky graphics or loud bright hues. It looks effortless, offering flexibility for any occasion. I could definitely see this as an everyday outfit; maybe lose the jacket from time to time.

The faux suede biker jacket is a variation from the old classic leather jacket. With a switch of fabrics to this lighter suede, it shows how The Authority  have accounted for our unpredictable weather.

The raw hem finish on the inner striped tee was a nice touch. Extremely in tuned with recent trends, it provides a premium look at an affordable price point.

The best piece of the outfit goes to these drawstring suit pants. For a pair of bottoms that look this formal, it oozes comfort with a lightweight jersey-like fabric with a modern touch. The pant legs ending perfectly right above the ankles, achieving a cropped look.

Mugging Days

The second outfit was picked out with the whole hip-hop vibe in mind. Resembling a K-Pop idol’s outfit pieced together by a coordi, it consisted of an elongated string hoodie (S$79) and off-white chinos (S$29.50) with distressing on the knees.

Exaggeration in fashion has been a fad in the fashion world for a bit and this piece is essentially that. The long drawstrings, however impractical, is a unique feature taking nods to the French clothing brand, Vetements.

Another unique feature in this hoodie is the vents on the elbows. It allows you to zip or unzip them according to your own personal style, and I think they look the best in the former.

The pants are nothing special although they come with only one side pre-cut to have that blowout effect. The other is still stitched up offering you the choice to keep it as it is or if you’re OCD about the symmetry, it’s just a small cut away.

Date Night

The last outfit is a little more smart casual. Something to meet your Korean girlfriend’s parents in. A mandarin collar (not on sale) hugs the neckline and denim pants (S$49) with an unmistakable Korean influenced finish on the leg cuffs.

Mandarin collars are a small twist to the norm but it still sets the outfit up nicely.

A hooked tab jean trouser is the main attraction here. Without the belt loops, it clears up waist area of any unnecessary baggage and tidies up the look.

Cuffed jeans take on a whole new look here, with flared ends pinned up. Cropped as with many other offerings at The Authority , I thought it paired up well with the mandarin collar top.

The Authority possess something unique about them. They understand the basics and do them right, and the quality is shown through their products. The very clean — and for lack of the better word — Korean-esque aesthetic at an affordable price point makes me wonder why guys don’t make a better effort in looking dapper.

Located in the heart of town, you’d find these pieces on sale at the physical store in Orchard Central.

Price: Starting from S$29 – S$89

The Authority: 277 Orchard Road #03-03, Singapore 238858 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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