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10 Quirky Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who Asks for Very Little

Yes folks, if you’ve lost track of time like me during this COVID-19 reality, I’m here to remind you that Father’s Day falls on 21 June. If your father is the type of man who’ll say ‘I don’t need a gift this Father’s Day’ and ‘as long as it’s from the heart’ or perhaps you’re down to your last few brain cells and cannot think of a good gift idea, allow me to help.

Here’s a list of 10 quirky Father’s Day gifts, ranging from silly, practical and everything in between for the dad that does not ask for much.

1. For The Practical Dad

Practical gifts are the best gifts period. Cable ties always come in handy in the most random of times. Need to fasten something together semi-permanently? Use a cable tie. Want to attach something to the zip of your bag but can’t be bothered with key rings? Cable tie to the rescue. What’s great about this set is that it comes in not one but six different types to cater to all your cable tie needs!

With 1200 pieces of cable tie, I’m sure this gift would last for a while.

Price: S$28
Buy Here

2. For The Sentimental Dad

A unique yet classic gift would be the good old customisable mug. What better way to show dad some love than to print a fond memory to remind him of the great times you’ve shared? This way, your father will always have a heartwarming experience whenever he drinks out of the cup reminiscing the memory associated with the photo. You could choose to have your picture in either a wraparound or 2-sided design and you can also customise the handle colour and inside of the cup if you decide to.

Price: S$12
Buy Here

3. For The Caffeine-Addict Dad

If your father is a man of refined taste and is always looking for new coffee blends to try, let me introduce you to Hook Coffee. Hook Coffee is a home-grown coffee brand looking to make high quality and responsibly-grown coffee accessible to everyone. For dads who are a coffee novice or a caffeine expert, Hook Coffee retails their coffee in drip bags, pods, whole beans, and ground beans as well. On top of choosing how you would like to receive your coffee, you can also select the weightage and indicate your brewing method before confirming your selection to your cart. They even have a Father’s Day Bundle!

Price: Various Prices
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4. For The Dad That’s Always Down To Get Boozy

If your father is anything like mine and enjoys a good bottle of wine or two, getting him a wine subscription would probably do him proud. Wala Club is a wine subscription service that offers a handful of different subscription plans dependent on your father’s alcohol tastes.

Select a plan that caters to your father’s needs best and choose your wine from one of the three different regions offered. You can also consider the Fixed Plan where you pay for your wines monthly and receive two different bottles a month.

Price: Various Prices
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5. For The Fun Dad

This one is for the fun, friendly dad that keeps up with the trends of ‘youngsters nowadays’. If you’ve somehow been living under a rock and am unaware, there is a Singaporean version of Cards Against Humanity, called LimPeh Says. LimPeh translates to ‘your father’ when translated from Hokkien to English, so what better way to bond with your father and family with an 18+ card game and see what funny concoctions your dad will be able to come up with the cards he draws.

While a quirky gift, this gift is for the more liberal open-minded dad, so perhaps think twice before getting this gift for a more, ahem, conservative dad.

Price: S$35.90
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6. For The Secretly Fun Dad

If your father is one to appear cold and stoic on the inside but can knock out a good dad joke at the most random of times and has a great sense of humour, I suggest you feed to his humorous side in the form of funky, loud socks that he can hide under his stuffy office slacks and shoes.

With designs such as The Kanagawa Waves to Waffle Pattern Socks and even Excel Spreadsheet Socks, I’m confident you’ll be able to find your dad a pair that would undoubtedly suit his personality. Maybe go all out and get him the same print in a matching phone case, shirt and even water bottle.

Price: Various Prices
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7. For The Dad That Needs To Stop Smoking

If you’ve been trying to get your father to stop smoking for some years now but have not been able to get him to quit successfully, perhaps it’s time for you to try in a more humorous and passive-aggressive way. The Mahalbro shirt is an obvious parody of the iconic Malboro Reds cigarette box design. Hence, it addresses the topic of smoking but is passive-aggressive enough to remind your father that smoking is indeed an expensive and life-threatening hobby.

The Mahalbro Shirt is designed by local designer Uncle Ahn T and is produced in collaboration with Wetteeshirt, a local t-shirt brand that creates unique Singaporean humour t-shirts that are brilliantly punny.

Price: S$35
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8. For The Dad That Appreciates Fine Writing Instruments

If your father is a Renaissance man or likes fountain pens, let me introduce you to Platinum, a Japanese pen company that has been around since 1919. Fountain pens do no need to be super fancy or expensive, as a user of Platinum fountain pens for the past few years, I can assure you that Platinum fountain pens are of the highest quality and write like butter.

Price: S$16.90
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9. For The Dad Who Deserves Some Time To Himself

Given that we live in a COVID-19 reality, it must be hard for dad to have any time for himself. An easy solution to that is to get him a pair of high quality yet moderately priced pair of earphones so that he can effectively block out his screaming or wailing children as he takes his turn to rest from taking care of his young offsprings.

The in-ear monitors from Morph are useful for times when dad has to rush and focus on a business proposal as he works from home, and needs some peace from his very loud young children. Starting at S$129, Morph’s earphones are highly customisable—take your pick from three different base module colours and endless amounts of faceplates to decorate your earphones with.

Price: S$129 & up
Buy Here

10. For The Dad That Just Wants Cash

Admittedly, this is not a quirky idea but a practical one. Taking inspiration from what my father wants this Father’s Day, perhaps the best way to show your father appreciation on this day is to give him some cold hard cash. Whatever makes him the happiest, right? It’s his day after all.

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