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Taobao @Funan: Southeast Asia’s First Taobao ‘Click & Mortar’ Store Opens

This first-of-its-kind Taobao physical store is located right at the end of basement two of Funan. I emphasise on this because I didn’t notice the store at first because of its corner location.

This 6000 square feet shop features over 300 Taobao products to choose from with the same flash sale and discounts as the virtual marketplace, but with the added option of touching and experience items before purchasing.

Shoppers can browse through furniture and household items like cookware and decorative pieces and have fewer chances of receiving an order that wasn’t up to standards—it’s kind of a gamble ordering goods online from China.

The Taobao store houses popular China furniture brands like Jiyoujia (极有家) and Linshimuye (林氏木业).

Of which, big pieces of furniture including sofas, centre tables and bookshelves are available. Again, one can feel the material and quality of the products before making your purchase.

What Makes It Different From The Online Taobao Store?

As opposed to making an order online, this Taobao store allows customers to purchase their products at the store via QR codes. Payment and selecting product designs can be made all through the Taobao app!

Not all of the products on display can be bought and carried home from the physical store immediately though. So there is the possibility that customers will still have to head to the online store to make their order. Online orders though, can be picked up from the store as a collection point.

What makes the Taobao store stand out is its complimentary Virtual Reality (VR) service. After giving the actual measurements of their home, the service helps customers visualise how a piece of furniture will look in their home. This was, you won’t have to worry about whether the furniture fits or whether it looks good in the space.

Just a heads up: not everything on display is available for purchase at this physical Taobao store. I noticed several products there had little signs stating they were only available for online products.

Lastly, the physical store can’t house the millions of products from the online store. Hence, the physical Taobao store’s inventory will constantly be updated based on what’s trending so customers can always look forward to shopping there.

Many brands on Taobao have grown together with the platform, and produce great quality goods which customers out of China might not be aware of. This physical store will create more awareness for clients as well as increase your faith in buying China goods.

Taobao @ Funan: #B2-01 to 04, #B2-34 to 36 Funan 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105 | Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

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