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Tango (R18): Catch This Thought-Provoking Play From 19 May – 4 June ’17 At The Drama Centre

Theatre lovers will be more than familiar with the Pangdemonium brand in Singapore. Come 19 May 2017, the performers are back with their very first commissioned and staged piece of new Singapore writing, Tango.

Inspired by true events from the blog “4 Relative Strangers” by James D. Williams, Tango is a play that focuses on gay rights.

The story centers around a family that includes a mixed-race pair of fathers with an adopted son, Jayden. Upon their decision to move back to Singapore after living in suburban England, an insidious incident happens at a local Chinese restaurant.

What unfolds after showcases an enthralling tale that the family goes through, questioning the current notions of love, acceptance, compassion, tradition and the infuriating complexities of a modern Singaporean family.

If you’re above 18 and in need of something thought-provoking and witty, be sure to catch Tango from 19 May – 4 June 2017 at the Drama Centre Theatre

Dates & Times: 19 May – 4 June 2017, (Tues to Fri) 8pm, (Sat) 3pm & 8pm, (Sun) 3pm, (Sun 4 June) 8pm 

Price: Various prices

Tango (R18) 2017: Drama Centre Theatre by Pangdemonium, 100 Victoria St, #05-01 National Library Building, Singapore 188064 | Website | Facebook

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