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The Remastered Nokia 5310 — Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

In this time and age, automation is advancing so fast that it’s impossible to keep up. Unlike its competitors that battle to come up with the latest technology, Nokia has different plans in store for its consumers. The telecommunications company has decided to take a fun twist on things with their remastered Nokia 5310.

The resurrected phone celebrates the return of its classic. It features easy-to-use buttons, smooth curves, and a comfortable grip. The device is a gorgeous new take on an old favourite—an iconic design with a fresh face. With music in its blood, the phone enables you to change up the beat, anytime, anywhere with dedicated music buttons.

The modern model boasts a long-lasting battery that lasts for weeks on standby. It also sports a durable design with even more reliable technology. Nokia assures you can trust this rebooted phone as it surely won’t let you down.

Unfortunately, the 2G phone won’t let you send messages or make calls since Singapore discontinued our 2G network in 2017. However, it does act as a relatively cheaper substitute for an iPod so you can always use it for that. Though the phone has yet to enter the Singaporean market, it stands at a global average pricing of 39 euros (approx. S$61.60), which is a low cost to pay for a whole lot of reminiscing.

Though the younger generation may not fancy these phones—I’m sure that this remastered Nokia was a first for many and brings some light onto some old memories. I’m not sure about you but if I ever come across this phone in real life, I’d be sure to get my hands on it.

Price: 39 Euros (approx. S$61.60)

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