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Sugar(ed): This Sweet Method Of Hair Removal By Sugaring Is SO Much Less Painful

I don’t know about you but I always believe in trying something once before casting judgement. Having been intrigued with male grooming for the longest time, I decided to offer my body (my legs specifically) for the sake of this article.

I tried removing my leg hair for the very first time at Sugar(ed). My pre-conceived notion of any kind of  hair removal that it’s the act of slapping piping hot goo onto your hairy nether regions and having chunks ripped out swiftly, in the hope that this compensates for the unbearable split second of pain.

But the team at Sugar(ed) are introducing a whole new method of hair removal to the masses here in Singapore.

They use a 100% natural water-soluble sugar paste, which is lathered onto the skin and then flicked off, removing hair from the roots. No lava-like temperatures here as the paste is applied at body temperature to ensure that scalding is never an issue.

By targeting the roots, regrowth will be slower, finer, softer and lighter in colour which leads to quicker hair refinement and diminished hair growth.

It also doubles as an exfoliate, which was a very nice surprise for a guy like me who is used to his callouses and rough skin.

Not convinced? Here’s a little list of the benefits of Sugaring:

  • More gentle and less painful than other forms of hair removal.
  • Fewer ingrown hairs as hairs are removed in the natural direction of growth, resulting in less breakage and follicle distortion.
  • Sugar paste is applied at body temperature to ensure no burns, bruises or blisters.
  • 100% natural and with a high concentration of sugar, inhibiting bacteria from breeding.
  • Sugar paste that is used adheres to the hair instead of the skin causing minimal discomfort.
  • Safe for those suffering from eczema, spider veins and psoriasis.
  • Effective for all skin types including sensitive skin.

I dived head first into it, a little apprehensive but also filled with excitement. I walked into the new Katong Outlet and the abundance of greenery calmed any nerves I had leftover. I was informed to fill up an application, all part of the procedure since it was my first visit.

I was whisked away by my bubbly Sugarist for the day, Irish, into the treatment room.

This was where I met my first obstacle. I was going to do my lower legs but I didn’t come properly dressed for it. I looked around the room for a pair of shorts I could slide into but I was out of luck. All I had was a sarong hanging on the wall. Connecting the dots and out of my depth, I put it on, wrongly hesitant.

Guys, skirts are so flowy, wafty and the ventilation in that area was so good.

Let’s get back on track. I lay on the treatment table and that was where I bid goodbye to my patchy leg hair. My Sugarist started wiping my legs to get rid of any grime and dirt and then proceeded to pepper my legs with a copious amount of powder.

Handling the gooey sugar mixture into a ball, she then started to spread it out in layers about 15cm long across my lower legs. The paste was at room temperature so there wasn’t any initial shock but I knew it was coming.

I think my Sugarist could sense my nerves so she made small talk with me, but before I could give a reply she ripped the now hardened paste off. It was a sharp pain and if you’ve ever skidded on concrete, it felt exactly like that. The worst part of it was that it was only the first of the many rippings to come!

She continued laying it on every square inch of my lower legs and the pain got progressively better. There were a few areas where I winced a little more than I intended to — the achilles, my toes, the shin and the forefoot.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was left with bare legs and smooth skin for days. The exfoliation aspect really provided that nice finish.

I can’t recommend sugaring enough for people who are extra conscious of their hairy body parts but have a low pain tolerance. The benefits heavily outweigh the few seconds of sharp pain, and with results like this, it makes any pain worth it.

I sat down with Stephanie, the Head of Operations at Sugar(ed) where she expanded on the benefits. Regular sugaring will lead to permanent reduction after approximately six months of visits with the roots gradually weakening with every session.

She even offered me a taste of the same paste that’s used for all the treatments in the establishment. It tasted like an old-school favourite, gula Tarik or Mai Ya Tang (maltose candy). Who knew our childhood treats could be used as a hair removal agent.

If you’re a dude and you’re reading this thinking of going in for your first session, you may want to keep your eyes glued for the very sought after Manzilian by Sugar(ed); the complete Brazilian for men.

A percentage of each service will go to the Movember Organisation to raise awareness about major health issues faced by men, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Very bro of you.

Prices: Varies According To Service, Starts From S$15 (Click Here For Price List)

Sugar(ed) Katong: 79, East Coast Road, Singapore 428784 | Opening Hours: Weekdays (11am – 8pm), Sat & PH (10am – 6pm), Sun (11am – 6pm) | Website | Instagram | Facebook

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