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The stock photos of muscular Japanese men that nobody asked for — check out this hilarious, quirky site

When I think of Japan, I think of creative quirkiness. To me, there is no other country in the world that beats Japan when it comes to pushing these boundaries. Remember the famous 70s talent show Kasou Taishou, where contestants perform clever skits faking cinematic special effects?

Credit – YouTube

From their ridiculously hilarious game shows, to their extremely unique street fashion style, Japanese modern culture is an eclectic blend of humour, creativity, and a sense of adventure. If you are a fan, a new website has recently been created online—and it screams Japanese quirkiness.

Credit – Muscle Plus

The website, called Muscle Plus, is a stock image website where users can download and use the images for free. Here’s the catch—all the images feature topless, muscular Japanese men posing while performing various mundane daily activities. Such activities include doing office work, going out on a date, exchanging business cards, and the list goes on.

Credit – Muscle Plus

Credit – Muscle Plus

At first, the website only featured one man named Akihito, but now features more muscular male models and aims to “add some muscle to your life”.

Even though they know that most people will probably never need to use their images, those who do will be hard-pressed to find images like these anywhere else. As of late, the website has been attracting lots of illustrators and artists who are looking for reference photos.

Check out their website here.

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