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Starface’s Hydro-Stars Acne Stickers Are Here to End the Stigma of Pimple Treatment

The word ‘star’ is probably one of the best prefixes to the word ‘face’ right now. Starface is a beauty brand dedicated to bring us one thing and one thing only—adorable star-shaped acne stickers. Having worked as a beauty editor for 10 years, founder Julie Schott saw the need to marry fun with beauty, bringing some optimism to acne. After all, it’s not something to be ashamed of, and it was time to “rethink our attitude towards this experience”, as Schott herself puts it.

What Starface terms as Hydro-Stars (USD$18), these star-shaped acne stickers have been designed to spice up the treatment process—all fun, and none of the shame that’s usually tagged to regular acne patches. Each Hydro-Star is made with 100% Hydrocolloid Dressing, which is scientifically tried, tested, and safe for use.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than this, Starface has quite literally outshone themselves with the limited edition Cyber-Star Holographic Iridescent Pimple Protectors (USD$18)—designed for the galactic gal who embraces the sparkle in her life. Nowhere to keep your droplet-sized pimple protectors? No problem. Big Yellow (USD $22)—a hand mirror case that’s able to hold up to 32 Hydro-Stars—is here to save the day (and the organisational integrity of your bag).

So instead of shying away from the process of skin rejuvenation, we should instead be celebrating the healing that’s already begun. It’s time we revisited our attitudes towards patches, treatments, and remedies, for there is no shame in showing your skin a little TLC.

Starface does not ship to Singapore yet, but we can always look to EzBuy’s Ship For Me function for a much-needed bump.

Price: From USD$18 Onwards

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