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Starbucks Singapore Releases Adorable Alpaca Merchandise – Available 26 August Onwards

As a caffeine junkie, a good day for me starts with a good cup of coffee. There is also no counting how much time I spend online looking at internet memes, and one that I see ever so often is that of the alpaca and the many bad puns made from its name.

Well, if you’re just like me, you’ll be pleased to know that Starbucks has successfully merged the two in cutesy fashion, to bring you the Alpaca & Friends collection available 26 August 2019 onwards.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

This pastel drinkware line—mugs, a tea filter, as well as a stirrer—are available at all Starbucks outlets and features not only the alpaca but other adorable animals as well.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

Although only available at selected the stores, the 80z Strawberry & Raccoon Mug Lid Set retails for $59.90 and features a beige raccoon sitting comfortably on the clouds with a rainbow behind it.

Although the 12oz alpaca mug may look simple design-wise, there’s just something about its face that screams “GET ME”—and you can, for S$30.90.

What caught my eye in this line is the tea filter (S$24.90). It looks so cute that I just can’t imagine beheading it to put my tea leaves in, or drowning it in my hot tea.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

You can also get a magnetic mug (S$49.90) that looks like the definition of basic tableware. However, what I forgot to add was that this mug comes with magnets that you can stick on to make the cup truly and uniquely yours. Sold separately is also the Rainbow Raccoon Coaster (S$32.90).

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

The last item in this line is a stirrer (S$22.90) that comes with four interchangeable magnetic tops.

Head down to your nearest Starbucks outlet to get your hands on these collectables, and alpaca lot of cash if I were you. Get it? Get it?

Starbucks Singapore Alpaca & Friends: Website | Multiple Locations

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