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Starbucks S’pore Celebrates 1 Million Members With New Eco-friendly Bags, Bearista Clips & More

If you’re like me, and run on caffeine and anxiety, then you should, too, be an honorary Gold member of the world’s favourite coffee chain, Starbucks. Yes, I’m talking about that extra af Gold card with your name plastered on it, and yes I am guilty as charged for owning it. In light of hitting 1 million Rewards Members, Starbucks is rewarding us with a limited edition line of member-exclusive merchandise, collectables and drinks, starting today.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

Made from recycled materials, flaunt bags and pouches that balance fashion with sustainability in the all-new Starbucks Siren line. You can choose between a collection of a tote, two sling bags and a pouch.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

These crossbody bags should do swell with any outfit and will come in even handier when travelling, seeing how they don’t shy away with the storage compartments. Make any outfit #OOTD worthy when you pair it with this. Talk about hypebeast.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

Snag these adorable Starbucks Bearista Clips too, and slip your tiny friends onto anywhere from your glass, laptop or even phone.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

In addition, for this week only, don’t miss the chance to try out the Starbucks Pink Drink and Yellow Drink, each matched to the colours on the Pantone Palette. I’m not going to spoil the flavours for you—you’re just going to have to try it to find out!

Date: 13 Jan – 19 Jan 2020

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