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Starbucks Has A New Culture Collection Cups That Showcase The Life Of A Barista

There are an endless series of cups released by Starbucks in the past, every type with a unique theme designed after it.

This time around, Starbucks has decided to pay homage to their own hardworking staff that put in tireless efforts to deliver indulgent coffee for us with The Starbucks Culture Collection, available in-stores (including Singapore) now.

This collection features illustrations of different parts and elements of a typical Starbucks barista’s day as they are beautifully illustrated on the cups and tumblers design.

Credit – Starbucks

The 12oz cold cup is priced at S$18.90 and features a drawing of a rosy-cheeked barista standing in front of a shelf filled with Starbucks merchandise. It is an uncanny resemblance to the view that you have when you head up to the counter. The cup is attached with a black lid and a mint green straw as the signature Starbucks colourway.

It is a similar design to that of the 24oz cold cup where a barista is shown as well but donning a striped dress and a red beret instead. This cup shows more of the delicious bites that Starbucks has to offer with croissants and muffins plastered on the design. It is fitted with an orange lid and black straw, with the Starbucks logo on it and it retails at S$29.90.

Credit – Starbucks

The 16oz stainless steel tumbler, priced at S$44.90, shows the Starbucks barista wearing an apron over a yellow top and pants, where he is shown serving beverages to customers across the counter. The tumbler has a white background, black lid and is emblazoned with the Starbucks name on the side.

This collection is available at all Starbucks stores in Singapore except for the ones listed on its website which you can check it out here.

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