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Starbucks’ Colour-Changing Tumblers Are Dropping In Singapore On 4 November

With a slew of Starbucks merchandise being released every season, here’s a popular series releasing locally that doesn’t just look magical but helps the environment too.

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These amazing colour-changing tumblers were a huge hit in the US, and will be dropping in Singapore’s Starbucks this 4th of November.

These colour-changing 24oz tumblers will change to a different shade upon pouring cold water into them. For reference, one tumbler fits a Venti-size drink. An entire set of five colour-changing tumblers is priced at S$36.90, which is a lot cheaper than many of the typical tumblers and mugs Starbucks releases.

Wondering what surprising colours to expect? These tumblers will change from:

Apricot to Tangerine, Sky blue to Cobalt, Citron to Emerald, Arctic blue to Raspberry, and Rose to Coral Red.

In its bid to pursue a more eco-friendly approach, Starbucks is encouraging the use of personal tumblers whenever you visit for a coffee, and these particular ones are made with recyclable PET material. Also, you get S$0.50 off whenever you bring your own mug/tumbler to participating Starbucks stores in Singapore.

Get these colour-changing tumblers as a gift, or add them to your myriad collection of Starbucks merchandise.

Singapore release date: 4 November 2019

Prices: 5 tumblers for S$36.90

Starbucks Singapore: Website | Facebook

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