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Starbucks China Releases Limited Edition Cat Paw Cups — We Want Our Claws On It!

Starbucks is always driving us cray with their merch and this time they’ve released the Cat Paw Cup (CNY 199) in China as part of its Spring collection.

Hold up! I know what you’re thinking, before you buy a plane ticket on impulse, good news: you can get it on Tmall (Taobao) too.

Newly released on 28 February till 1 March 2019, the double-walled cup is embellished with Sakura petal prints and takes on the shape of a cat paw. When filled with milk or coffee, it looks like an actual paw that I just want to squeeze! Argh~ won’t it be way cuter if it came complete with toe beans too?

Unsurprisingly, the cup was a hit in China and people waited in line before the stores opened; some even were entangled in fights. Yikes. Thankfully, we can get it online sans the drama, but it is only limited to 1,000 cups a day.

Fastest fingers first! But if you can’t get your claws on the Cat Paw Cups, there are other cute tumblers and mugs too.

Dates: Now till 1 March 2019

Prices: CNY 199

Starbucks China: Website | Purchase on Tmall

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