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Starbucks Japan Adds Adorable Cat Ear Tumbler To Its Pastel-Themed Summer Collection

First, it was the Cat Paw Cups that China went crazy over. Now, Starbucks does it again by releasing the Cold Cup Tumbler Cat Lid (JPY 1,800), exclusive in Japan. Well, at least we won’t be expecting clawing and catfights in the stores.

The Cold Cup Tumbler Cat Lid features a pink, pointy cat ears lid to prevent drinks from spilling out of the tumbler, and lovely pastel confetti decorating the cup.

Won’t it just lighten the mood in the office if you have this and the Cat Paw Cup to accompany you through work?

And even if the Cold Cup Tumbler Cat Lid sells out, the other merch from the summer collection will be sure to brighten the dullest of days with its pastel colours and fun graphics.

It’s the hanami season and I’m sure half your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of your friends posing with cherry blossoms in Japan. Time to put your friendship to the test by asking them to bring the cat lid tumbler back for you. Beg if you have to!

Dates: Now Available in Starbucks Japan

Prices: JPY 1,800 

Starbucks Japan: Website | Facebook

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