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Channel The Force With This Fashionable & Modern ASOS X Star Wars Collection

While I’m clearly excited about all the collaborations going on between fashion powerhouses and our favourite movies, some of these fashion pieces can sometimes be a tad over the top.

The latest ASOS X Star Wars collection thankfully strays from that notion completely. It is sleek, modern and definitely trendy enough to wear out on the streets (without looking a bit crazy). 

Hoping to channel the Force in your OOTD? This is definitely something for you.

What ASOS has given us is a collection of streetwear-inspired apparel that bear the signature Star Wars galactic script across the outfit. Someone, translate this for me please? 

I’m totally digging the subtle weaving of lines, panels and checkerboard designs that give off futuristic space vibes.

Oh and here’s a little something for the ladies. Check out this fancy galaxy dress where even you can be a modern day Princess Leia!

There are quite a few notable pieces in the collection, so check it out, show off your swag, and may the Force be with you, fellow Jedi.

ASOS x Star Wars Collection 2018: Website

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