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| On 2 years ago

SPRMRKT: Get Your Daily Dose Of Lifestyle Inspiration & Coffee At Telok Ayer

SPRMRKT gives you a modern supermarket experience with a selection of local and international produce, retail products and artwork. If you’re in search of not just food but also lifestyle inspiration, drop by this supermarket cum cafe in Telok Ayer.

I was on the hunt for the HDB Homes Photo Exhibition on 2 McCallum Street without realising that it was in SPRMRKT. When I walked past the cafe, I noted down its name because of the beautiful grey cement tables they had which are perfect for taking flat lays of food.

When I finally realized that SPRMRKT was the place that I was looking for, I entered the building and the bright colours of the fruits and vegetables jumped out at me immediately. It was a lovely contrast against the plain grey walls.

Apart from fresh produce, you can find food and beverage brands. Cerana is unique precisely because the source of its honey is Thailand, which is in Southeast Asia, something rather uncommon in a market dominated by other regions.

SPRMRKT is also home to unique household and lifestyle brands. The following brands are local and great for you to pamper your skin.

Make these handcrafted artisanal aromatherapy lotions and body scrubs by MMerci Encore a part of your bathing and bedtime rituals. You can also get natural hand and body soaps that are suitable for all skin types, including those with extremely sensitive skin, from SOAPLAH.

Are you a fan of calligraphy? LeahDesign is a local lettering artist & graphic designer and you can purchase lovely prints like these as gifts for your loved ones, or to frame them up to decorate your home.

Fans of aroma therapy can select their favourite scents amongst the candles created by Candles Of Light, a local brand that uses natural ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils and other botanicals.

SPRMRKT has great taste in curating reading material too. The City Book Singapore and Hong Kong edition is on sale in selected bookstores only but you can get your copy here.

It contains multicultural stories of the respective artists. Their works explore themes like urban isolation, transitory spaces, nostalgia and nature.

The City Book Singapore comes with a really gorgeous map of the Little Red Dot that is perfect for hanging on your wall.

From now till 27 June 2017, HDB Homes Of Singapore: The Photo Exhibition by Eitaro Ogawa, Tamae Iwasaki, and Tomohisa Miyauchi is being held in the cafe.

The exhibition aims to promote their joint publication, a 700-page photo-book that portrays and celebrates the diversity, culture, individuality, colours and creativity of 118 HDB (Housing Development Board) homes. The trio collected material for a duration of three years before compiling them into this masterpiece.

By showcasing the homes of people of various cultures, generations and backgrounds, the authors transform the mundane into something exciting. Each photograph demonstrates the beauty of everyday life and most have detailed captions accompanying them.

The trio personally selected images from the photo-book to be reprinted and exclusively displayed as unique prints for sale. As you can see, the book does not merely look at the interior of the HDB buildings; the exterior of public housing, such as playgrounds, are included as well.

Art exhibitions are held at SPRMRKT every few months to grant local and emerging artists a platform to promote themselves to a wider audience. Established international contemporary artists are included as well.

If art is not your cup of tea, perhaps the food may interest you. SPRMRKT serves breakfast all day and it has great lunch and dinner menus. The menus change daily too, which adds excitement to the whole dining experience.

The cafe is also well-known for its truffle fries, so be sure to give that a try!

I ordered an Iced Mint & Honey beverage to beat the sweltering afternoon heat. Sitting atop high chairs by the road side, sipping my iced drink and watching the (human) traffic go by was really therapeutic.

The shopping and dining experience melds together nicely so the next time you need to stock up on lifestyle products or produce, head over to SPRMRKT, a modern supermarket-cafe that redefines the supermarket experience.

SPRMRKT: 2 McCallum Street, Singapore 069043 | Opening Hours: (Weekdays) 8am – 9.30pm; (Weekends) 9am – 5pm | Website | Facebook

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