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Gym Shirt Reveals “You Can Go Home Now” After You’ve Sweat It Out – Available From S$55

After a strenuous workout, you are just so eager to take that sweat-drenched shirt off. We get you. How about taking a minute to check yourself out in the mirror and having your shirt respond in a mirthful yet motivating manner.

Credit – You can go home now shirt

A genius application of the new sweat-activated technology; the United States home brand You Can Go Home Now (“YCGHN”) has developed a new line of innovative fitness apparel to recreate your exercise experience. When the grey shirt comes into contact with sweat from your body, the shirt undergoes a mild transformation from grey to dim grey. Amidst this “metamorphosis”, the intended text is being revealed in a grand display after that laborious workout. A note of caution: you need to sweat buckets in order to trigger this chain reaction.

Credit – You can go home now shirt


Credit – You can go home now shirt

There are currently three different types of texts available, “You Can Go Home Now”, “Dont Quit” and “Whatever It Takes”. Each text designs come, either in the form of T-shirt or tank top, with gender-specific cut. Shirts are priced between S$55 and S$60.

These shirts can be purchased online at the YCGHN store and free worldwide shipping is provided on orders above US$50 (approximately S$59). Be sure to gather your gym buddies and get motivated together this new year!

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