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Spadium Japon Is The Largest Natural Hot Spring Park In Tokyo – Has 15 Onsens Within

Onsens, the famed Japanese hot springs, are beautiful and relaxing with natural skin-nourishing minerals.

With over 2,500 onsens in Japan, you might have difficulties deciding which one to head to. Look no further as Spadium Japon, the largest hot spring park in Tokyo, will resolve this problem.

Credit – Spadium Japon

Spadium Japon has a staggering 15 types of hot springs and saunas for you to choose from and soak in, ranging from open-air springs to indoor springs, you will not be short of options to enjoy a therapeutic session.

Credit – Spadium Japon

The spring water used by Spadium Japon is the same as the hot springs of East Kurume, which holds the title of being the only one in Tokyo selected by Japan’s Ministry of Environment as one of the “100 famous waters of Heisei”.

Most of these springs offer similar health benefits although you might prefer the outdoor springs that are surrounded by natural rocks, offering a scenic view for you to enjoy.

Credit – Spadium Japon

Even the saunas provide you with natural minerals such as salt for you to apply on your skin, which apparently helps in scrubbing away sebum and dead skin in the pores amongst the other benefits.

Credit – Spadium Japon

There are other facilities that you can explore in this gigantic hot spring park as well such as the rock bath which consists of a variety of natural medicinal stones for you to lie on.

Credit – Spadium Japon

A lounge area within Spadium Japon is also present for guests to read and indulge in the food available here.

This gigantic hot spring park should be on your Tokyo visit list if you want to experience what an amazing onsen is like. With such a wide variety, Spadium Japon makes the perfect introduction to the onsen culture in Japan.

Opening Hours: Weekdays, 9 a.m. – Midnight

Weekends, 8 a.m. –  Midnight

Price: 750 yen for adults ( weekdays ), 850 yen for adults ( weekends), 350 yen for children 

Spadium Japon: 2-chōme-7-7 Uenohara, Higashikurume, Tōkyō-to 203-0001 | Website | Facebook | Instagram |  042-473-2828


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